Native Maps

David Anthony Harman

It all started when I moved into the heart of the city. I am a native of Dallas, Texas. After college, I moved into a studio near Downtown to continue painting. I found myself walking and riding my bike around town, making my way through side streets and small neighborhoods. A short errand would turn into an hour of exploring. I was captivated by the city I thought I knew so well. I continued to discover new places, neighborhoods, and people.

One afternoon, a friend and I sat down to map out a small neighborhood called Oak Cliff, which took 4 hours. Soon enough, I was compiling a map of the entire city. After 6 months of research, I had an accurate map. My wife and I bought some paper and printed the maps by hand. We decided to expand the concept to other cities, using the same depth of research and attention to detail. We didn’t want to overly generalize, but rather call attention to the many diverse and unique neighborhoods within each city. Neighborhoods are personal. We wanted to create an elegant, research driven, hand-made map not only for the local, but for the native.

Maker: Native Maps
We create: Hand-printed neighborhood maps of major U.S. cities
We use: Archival 100 lb. paper, acrylic ink
Favorite local hangout: Public House, Market Square Farmers Market Design should be: Relevant, Informed, and Accessible