Made*Here New York

Karyn Villante has 15 years of experience developing knitwear programs for major retailers in the men’s women’s and junior markets. She left the daily grind to stay at home at raise her children. The kids are almost out of the nest and one of them challenged Karyn to go back and design knits again. Karyn loved working in the mills around Brooklyn and Queens. However, what was once a thriving knitting industry is now a handful of survivors. Most of the contacts Karyn knew had gone on to work in imports or were out of business. MADE*HERE NEW YORK is a brand that uses factories in the New York Metropolitan area who are still around and represent what our great knitters, dyers and finishers right here can do. At the same time, Karyn is showing her daughter that she is up for the challenge.

We create: American Made Sweaters and Blankets
We use: Cotton Yarn, Reclaimed Yarn, Sustainably Sourced
Based in: Long Island, New York
Favorite local hangout: Any beach on the North or South shore
Design should be: Inspiring
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