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Happy Habitat

Karrie Kaneda
Kansas City

I’m in love with color. I just can’t get enough: the endless combinations, color values, colors on fabrics, on walls, in nature. Color makes me smile. I suppose that’s where my love of design started, back when I was 8 and I learned all about the color wheel. To this day, that color wheel spins around in my head from morning to night and then in my dreams. So, that first color wheel eventually led me to the University of Kansas where I took Fine Arts classes, which I found to be too competitive (pathetic, I know), so I ended up with a BA in Spanish. After a decade teetering on the creative side of the corporate world, I decided to give it a go at my true love: creating. It was fate the day I discovered recycled cotton. I could mix and match colors and patterns, while offering a useful, family-friendly, earth-friendly product. I taught myself some graphic design, learned how to start a blog and website, and Happy Habitat was born. I’m still learning, but as I forge new territories, I remind myself to stay true to what got me started: exploring pattern and color while being kind to mother nature.

I create: Colorful, patterned throws.
I use: 80% recycled cotton/20% acrylic
Based in: Kansas City, MO. But technically just across the border on the Kansas side.
Favorite local hangout: My house of course. But if I leave, I like to hang out at Room 39.
Design should be: simple, useful and happy.