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Detroit Denim Co.

As a teenager, Eric Yelsma developed a passion for sewing and creating pieces of clothing. Despite working in a corporate sales career, his passion for stitching never unraveled, pushing him to start Detroit Denim Co. with a detailed line of men’s jeans. Each piece’s high-quality materials are sourced straight from the USA and are handmade in Detroit by Detroiters who embrace a culture that values hard work and tradition.

We create: Jeans, bags, aprons, leather works, custom work
We use: Denim and leather
Based in: Detroit, MI
Favorite local hangout: Belle Isle, Hamtramck, and Eastern Market early Saturday morning
My favorite thing about my neighborhood/city are: The grit and soul of Detroit — it never left.
Lately, we’ve been inspired by: Traveling west
Most important thing in my workspace is: Rosie — my 109 year-old Singer sewing machine that I do most of my sampling on.
See more of what we make: detroitdenim.com

Find in Store

215 W Maple Rd
Birmingham, MI 48009
(248) 593-8200