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Convivial Cloth Co.

Adam Bice and Noah Beller
Los Angeles

Established in 2014.Convivial Cloth Co. was created in the spirit of friendship and shared experience. Our linkable blankets & towels, inspired by California summers, are tailored for literally connecting with friends and spreading good vibes. This collection features imported handmade textiles that are designed and constructed in Los Angeles. We’re confident you’ll have many great days with our product. After all, the best days are convivial!

We create: Linkable Blankets & Towels.
We use: Turkish Cotton, Wood Buttons, Canvas Tabs & Pockets.
Based in: Venice Beach, California
Favorite local hangout: On the sand in Venice Beach
Lately, we’ve been inspired by: Innovative uses of materials, increased social responsibility from brands, and the continued momentum of the current “Maker Movement.”