A major home refresh is often triggered by something – moving to a new city, starting a much-needed renovation, moving in with a partner. But you really don’t need a special occasion to redo your space – you can start whenever you want! For many years now, Rachel Schultz has lived in this gorgeous mid-century home in Pacific Palisades with her husband David and three children. This year she decided she was ready for a change, so she started working closely with Ani Ferrara from the Design Crew with West Elm Santa Monica to redo every room in her house. “She just said, ‘It’s time, my kids are old enough and I’m at that point in my life where I can’t live anymore with furniture that doesn’t make me happy,'” Ani says.

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“We were really inspired by the architecture of the home and by the ocean,” she says. “We were trying to bring the outside in through subtle tones, and then added pink accents everywhere because Rachel loves pink. We liked to give a little nod to that mid-century palette.” The result is a colorful and glam home that speaks to California breeziness and works just right for Rachel and her family.

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Photography by Landon Vonderschmidt

Dining Room

The dining room is a show-stopper right by the front entrance, and Ani knew she wanted to highlight the room’s tall slatted ceilings. She chose the elegant Pelle Gooseneck Chandelier to emphasize its height and draw the eye upward. The brass complements other finishes in the room, such as the hardware on the Delphine Buffet and the Arts Capsule artwork hanging above the table, which catches a special glimmer at nighttime when the lights are on. “Everything looks cohesive, like the pieces are all talking to each other, which is important to have in every room,” Ani says. “The goal is to create effortless design through different prints and patterns.”

The vibrant Flame Rug grounds the family’s existing dining table and pairs beautifully with the Mid-Century Upholstered Dining Chairs in light pink Distressed Velvet. To bring in some greenery, she turned to Nysha Dahlgren of The Ardenwoods for plant suggestions. They originally thought about using Fiddle Leaf Figs in this room, but when they realized they wouldn’t fill the space quite enough, they decided to use two Variegated Scheffleras in large Radius Planters. “Those planters were perfect because they’re neutral and subtle and fit in the background just right,” Ani says. “Other planters might draw too much attention, which would take away from the art and the rest of the space.”


Living Room

Ani helped Rachel choose a soothing color palette for the living room, playing off the pink and blues of the sunset and a Blue Ombre Canvas Print that they loved. Ani suggested a Harmony Terminal Chaise Sectional and matching Harmony Sofa because she has it in her own home and absolutely loves it. “I said, ‘Rachel, you have to get this. This is an amazing sofa, it’s extremely comfortable and you can lounge in it all day.'” The Oyster Ecoweave fabric and layered Belgian Flax Linen Curtains keep things light and airy. Blair Cloughen, visual stylist at West Elm Burbank, helped style the adjustable bookshelves with decorative accessories and family photos.

Master Bedroom & Bathroom

The corner window in the master bedroom is a great spot to watch the ocean. “When Rachel bought this home, she had no idea it had an ocean view,” Ani says. “She got it for a really great price because it foreclosed, and she had only seen it in the foggy nighttime, and it was hilarious that all of a sudden she woke up one morning and got this amazing ocean view from her bedroom.” Playing off the existing bed and shades in the bedroom, they went with a boho vibe and mango-wood Roar + Rabbit Brass Geo Inlay Nightstands and Carved Wood Coffee Table. “There’s something beautiful about the mango wood because it has many different tones, and you can use that to pick up whatever color wood you have on your floor and it still works. So if you have darker tones or lighter tones, it all ties in,” Ani says. She also chose the Fair-Trade Certified Bello Shag Wool Rug for that cozy underfoot feel you want in the bedroom. The master bathroom features hardware from West Elm’s Mid-Century Bathroom Hardware collection.

Kids’ Room

Rachel and David have three sons, but only the 13-year-old still lives at home in this bedroom, and it will likely transition to a guest room when he goes off to college. “We wanted to keep that mid-century vibe going, and picked pieces that were fun but that he could also grow up with.” Ani didn’t want to squeeze two nightstands into the layout, so one large Metalwork Nightstand in between the twin beds worked perfectly. The Industrial Modular Desk has just the right amount of storage for homework needs, and the velvet office chair is even more comfortable than it looks. The blue and yellow art above the beds is actually part of the Roar + Rabbit Triptych Wall Art Set; the third piece is in the kitchen.


David uses this office when he works from home, and his top priority when designing it was to have a comfortable chair to sit in. He immediately fell in love with the Carlo Mid-Century Chair at the West Elm Santa Monica store. “He said, ‘This is amazing, my life has changed, I need this chair,'” Ani says. “I’m personally so drawn to the Astor Velvet fabric because it’s such good quality; if you spill anything on it, it immediately wipes off.” The glass-topped Jensen Desk keeps the space open and airy and gets great sunlight from the large windows (though the luxe Worn Velvet Blackout Curtains help if it ever gets too sunny to see the screen).

The installer who worked on this project, Paul Neri, created this custom piece based on the client’s love of pink. “This was truly a Design Crew team project – I couldn’t have done it without Blair and Paul,” Ani says.

Kitchen & Dining Nook

Ani and Rachel had some fun with art and color in the kitchen. “We started with the Sun-Kissed Landscape Runner, which has pink and blue and kind of makes the space feel happier.” They played off those colors with additional West Elm artwork: the third piece of the Roar + Rabbit Triptych from the boys’ room and three-dimensional Geo Assemblage Wall Art in those same colors. The Confetti Wall Art off the laundry room was originally intended for the office, but it worked better in this space and brought in some visual interest with the mixed metals.

The dining nook is a family favorite, and the pink Finley Low-Back Dining Chairs in Pink Grapefruit Astor Velvet were the original inspiration for the rest of the pink accents in the home. “There was something about these pink chairs that really resonated with Rachel – she absolutely loved it and suddenly everything else had to be pink too!”

Outdoor Patio

The Portside Outdoor Sectional and Lounge Chairs are perfect for enjoying those gorgeous ocean views, and the long Portside Outdoor Expandable Dining Table is a great spot for entertaining. “Now, even though we’ve wrapped up the design project, Rachel and David invite me over and we have pizza parties out here,” Ani says. “They were so great to work with and it’s so sweet to enjoy the view this way.”

Room Planner

Ani used the free Room Planner tool to design Rachel’s home. Try it out here!

Ani Ferrara
West Elm Santa Monica Design Crew

The homeowner, Rachel, with Ani + Blair from the West Elm Design Crew

Photography by Landon Vonderschmidt

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February 5, 2020

Amazing Ani…….What a fabulous home to adorn…..great job lady!!


February 5, 2020

Ani is a rockstar designer and offers the true definition of white glove service from start to finish. Talent, empathy, and precision!


February 5, 2020

Wow, I love the living area! This is beautiful!


February 5, 2020

Omg gorgeous!!! 🥰💥✨ can you design my home next?!?


February 5, 2020

Wow! This looks so good! I am loving the plants and textures, especially the velvet furniture!!


February 5, 2020

This looks incredible!! Ani’s design eye is amazing. I want my apartment to look like this!


February 5, 2020

I love how Ani carried the pink details through out the home it really tied the whole design together. All the details in the home are aesthetically pleasing but I appreciate that she also chose comfortable and practical furniture for the family. Looks like a dream beach home!


February 13, 2020

Great Job West Elm,
Your now shipping to Hawaii for a reasonable rate. I’ve been doing lots of shopping with you.

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