It can be tricky to figure out your personal style, but figuring out your sleep style is a whole other beast. Not only do you have to think about what kind of aesthetic you’re going for (clean and crisp, relaxed and natural, etc) but you also have to think about what kind of sleeper you are. Do you run hot? Or cold? Are you all about eco-friendliness? How about washability? Use the infographic below to figure out which bedding fabric is right for you, then scroll down to see how some of our favorite influencers love their different bedding fabrics!

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TENCELOrganic Cotton SateenHempBelgian Flax LinenOrganic Washed Cotton Percale
Organic Cotton PercaleCotton JerseyFlannelVelvet


“Welcome to our happiest place, our bed. ☁️ @westelm’s hemp bedding is their newest collection, blended with organic cotton for extra softness and striped with all natural plant dyes, our bed has never been cozier.”


“My bedroom is my sanctuary! I loveeeeee lounging in my bed at the end of the day instead of parking it in front of the TV. I read, relax, shop online, sometimes even do a little work (I know, shame on me 🤷🏻‍♀️), and otherwise just zone out! Since I spend so much time in bed, I decided to get myself some new bedding from @WestElm. I ordered a comforter and sheets in the Tencel fabric that is made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus and is breathable and lightweight on hot nights and warming on cold nights.”


“Bedding that is soft, breathable, yet strong enough for my girls, is perfect for our home. @westelm’s hemp bedding is the newest collection to elevate the everyday. The organic cotton gives it that extra softness while the all-natural plant dyed stripes gives your bedroom all the warm and cozy vibes.”


“Newest warehouse addition: cozy hemp bedding from @westelm. Hemp is one of the most sustainable materials as it requires half the land and water as cotton.”


“I’m such a night owl and it’s hard for me to fall asleep at a decent hour. I’ve recently discovered a new bedding collection from @westelm that has helped so much. Their TENCEL bedding is silky, cool, and made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus.”


“We spend at least 25% of our lives sleeping, so the bedroom is a great place to start for a cleaner environment! @westelm’s new hemp collection is blended with organic cotton, sustainably grown, Fair Trade Certified and striped with all-natural plant dyes. Needless to say I’m a fan – our entire bedroom has been outfitted with @westelm since their beginning nearly 20 years ago 🤩”


“My cozy urban plant heaven. With the new year here, I am looking for materials that would help me sleep better at night. West Elm’s Tencel is silky, cool and made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus. It’s a good night’s sleep for me tonight.”


“A good day for me starts with a great night’s sleep and the materials we rest our heads on each night matter. 🌙😴🛌When I choose bedding I opt for sustainable and organic plant-materials 🌱(kinda like how I eat), and @WestElm’s bedding ticks all the boxes for me. West Elm’s hemp bedding is blended with organic cotton for extra softness and striped with all-natural plant dyes.”


“Did you know that the average person sleeps 27 years in their lifetime!?! That is a lot of time spent in your bed, so it’s important to make that space cozy and comfy. @WestElm’s hemp bedding is the newest collection that helps elevate the everyday. I am so excited that I switched all my bedding over because their materials are so soft and airy – best sleep ever!”


“Every time I see another big company shift towards #ethical and #sustainable production, I get a little bit excited for the future ☺️ And I’m pumped that @westelm is one of those – by opting for natural fibers like linen, Tencel, organic cotton, and hemp, WE is paving the way for more and more brands to adopt #ecofriendly and #fairtrade practices. This duvet cover combines organic cotton and hemp fibers and is made with all natural plant dyes for seriously soft bedding that looks and feels soooo luxe. The perfect spot for me to read a book, lounge around, and snooze 😴”


“Good morning! Bed still on the floor but my new eco home is getting there! Little by little. As sustainable and fair-trade as possible, including the bedsheets! 😍♻️🏡 My sleep and health are precious and so is our planet, therefore, I chose bedsheets and a duvet cover made with natural fibers and without the toxic chemicals of ordinary bed products. This set right here is made of linen; one of the most sustainable fabrics since the flax plant needs little to no water to grow and can be used entirely, creating no waste! Where to get it? (This is my favorite part!) @westelm! In case you didn’t know, @westelm incorporated fair-trade practices and sustainability as part of their mission years ago! From TENCEL to linen to hemp, you’ve got many earth-friendly options in their stores.”


The three little words every woman wants to hear: “It’s bed time.” Hmmm, just me? Well, if you’re like moi and truly NEED your sleep (8 hours minimum over here) in order to be a functioning human, great sheets are worth every dang penny. @westelm’s hemp sheets — blended with organic cotton — are super soft (they get even softer with every wash), durable and breathable. @westelm’s hemp is sustainably grown and fair trade certified. And the natural botanical dyes create a unique muted tone that gets better over time.”

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TENCELOrganic Cotton SateenHempBelgian Flax LinenOrganic Washed Cotton Percale
Organic Cotton PercaleCotton JerseyFlannelVelvet

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