When Chris and Cori Good walked into the West Elm San Ramon store, they each had a good sense of what they were looking for, but wanted a bit of guidance from the West Elm Design Crew to figure out how it could all work together. They custom-built a home in Mountain House, California, and were now tasked with furnishing it from scratch, figuring out how to blend their distinct design styles in a cohesive way that was comfortable for them and their two teenage kids.

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Cori was most interested in farmhouse style, while Chris – who is a designer himself and often works with West Elm Work – is more partial to a mid-century industrial look. “It was really about listening to them and what they both wanted, because they were interested in different styles,” says Stephanie Fong, Assistant Design Services Manager at West Elm San Ramon. “We wanted to help them create a space that they could live long-term. Most of their family is out on the East Coast, so they wanted to have a spot for entertaining and hosting friends that they’ve met out here.”

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Photography by Landon Vonderschmidt

Living Room

While walking the floor at the West Elm San Ramon store, the couple immediately loved the colorful Rani Rug, which helped them decide on a pink color palette to pop against two Harmony Sofas in Light Taupe Distressed Velvet. “They loved the Harmony,” Stephanie says. “They wanted something very comfortable and they loved the neutral color.” Their existing pink artwork goes well with the rug and pink accents such as the Round Lush Velvet Pillow in Grapefruit and the Falling Snow Pillow.

Custom-built bookshelves around the TV show off music-inspired vignettes. “Chris and his daughter like to play guitar together, so that was part of the inspiration,” Stephanie says. “I like how we used something as simple as a record to make it special.” She completed the look with Metallic Speckled Vases, Half-Dipped Stoneware Vases and vases from the Foundations Collection.

The Austin Leather Swivel Armchair was an immediate favorite for Chris, who also brought in a Slope Leather Lounge Chair from his office to sit between the kitchen and living room, tying together the Austin with the Slope Leather Counter Stools in the kitchen.

Dining Room

Cori’s farmhouse vibe really shines in the dining room, Stephanie says. The streamlined Lex Dining Chairs pull together the leathers from the living room and kitchen while still staying in the same color family as the rest of dining table. The Flourish Rug underfoot has subtle hits of pink, nodding to the bold-colored living room while still staying relatively neutral.


The Slope Leather Counter Stools pop against the large black-painted island, which is the hub of their home for doing homework or snacking. “They like to entertain, they cook a lot and they’re home a lot, so we wanted to make sure the space was comfortable above all,” Stephanie says.

Stephanie Fong
West Elm San Ramon

Photography by Landon Vonderschmidt

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December 27, 2019

Love you Cori and Chris, beautifully done!

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