As soon as you get home, you want to feel like you can fully relax – but sadly, that’s not always the case. Before you can even think of winding down, you’ve got to deal with the pile of bills you brought in from the mailbox, get rid of your slushy jacket and try not to get the floor too dirty while you pop off your well-weathered shoes. We’re guessing your entryway isn’t pulling its weight to make your life easier, but that can change right now. All you need is the right set-up for your space and you’ll be well on your way to mess-free bliss.

Check out our best tips for getting your entryway in shape, once and for all!

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1. Declutter your mail
You don’t want to be that person with a stack of endless mail just sitting on your console, do you? Put everything you need in our Tricolor Hanging Baskets so you can stay organized while staying chic. Magazines in basket one; bills in basket two; invitations in basket three… everything else in the recycling bin!

2. Ditch the wet stuff
We’re looking at you, umbrellas and rain boots. While we know you’ve got things all figured out in your closet (right?), you definitely need a special place for the slushy stuff when the weather isn’t your friend. Customize your own Nolan Collection so you have just the right built-in space for your umbrella and your shoes – and whatever else you need to put away as soon as you get home.

3. Choose a rug that can take a beating
Whether you’re a shoes-on or shoes-off household, a high-traffic area like an entryway is going to need a durable rug. West Elm has tons of rugs that work both indoors and outdoors, like the Reflected Diamonds Rug shown here.

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