Like many good moving stories in NYC, this one starts with a tiny bit of co-op board drama. Actress Zosia Mamet—who you know best as Shoshanna Shapiro on HBO’s Girls and from the new Tales of the City revival—says she knew things might not last in her old apartment when the co-op board voted to ban dogs from the communal outdoor space. “It was one of the main reasons we had moved there,” Zosia says, so that wasn’t going to work for her and her husband, actor/producer Evan Jonigkeit, and their adorable pup, Moose. That meant that they were looking for a fresh start in the city—one with lots of light and plenty of outdoor space for Moose.

The couple wanted easy access to their second home an hour outside of NYC, which they were also renovating at the same time. While Evan tackled the upstate house, Zosia searched all across the West Side of Manhattan for a new apartment, all the way from TriBeCa to Morningside Heights, until she found the perfect one: a two-bedroom with incredible windows, an open floor-plan and a private balcony that connects to the living room and bedroom. “I just fell in love with it,” she says. “It has all this outdoor space for Moose and it has so much light, and it just felt really bright and grown-up.” She layered on the modern, cozy vibes with West Elm furniture and accessories throughout the apartment.

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Photography by Landon Vonderschmidt

Living Room

When designing this new apartment, Zosia kept three words in mind: bright, airy and cozy. The natural light helps a lot, as well as lots of whites, soft blues and neutral-toned wood accents. The photograph above the couch is by Keegan Gibbs and the art above the dining table is from Goodwill and West Elm. “I find myself gravitating towards lighter things now,” she says. “I really wanted to lean into that super bright feeling.”

While the finished look is very clean, Zosia wanted to make sure it still felt a little off-beat. “One of the things I like most about West Elm is that there are these pieces that feel very clean and very simple that you can then funk up,” she says. “That’s one of the reasons I chose these carved wood side tables and coffee table. I wanted something to go against this simple modern couch to kind of funk it up a bit.”

Speaking of the couch, they’re very into it. “We’re very much couch people – not to be confused with couch potatoes. We’re not couch potatoes,” she jokes, which is why they love the Henry Sectional in the living room and the Haven Sectional in their house upstate. “We spend so much time on that couch and we love it so much because it’s so comfy-cozy. And Moose loves it too, so much. She thinks it’s her couch — which it is.”

They also spend a lot of time on the Kasbah Wool Rug. “It’s funny, Evan and I both gravitate a lot towards the floor. We’re both sort of always figuring out how to work and lay and sit with Moose around us, so we often eat around that table on the floor, and Moose will sit on the couch, and we’ll all watch TV.”

Kitchen + Dining

The open floor-plan means that the dining area flows into the living room. “I’d say we spend most of our time here,” she says. “I can be making coffee and Evan can be watching the news in the morning and we can still have a conversation.” The Jensen Round Dining Table has statement-making angular legs, but the glass top visually keeps the airy vibes going from room to room. It’s also a good spot to get work done. “Evan and I work from home a lot, we both produce and we write, so this whole area essentially serves as our office.”

Master Bedroom

For the bedroom, they really wanted a place to fully relax. “When we’re in the city, it’s because we’re working, so it’s long hours, long days, with a lot of meetings and subway rides and crazy New York time,” Zosia says. “I love to sleep and need a lot of sleep. I wanted a bedroom that felt really peaceful and that you just want to jump into it at the end of the day.” The Belgian Flax Linen Bedding in Indigo, paired with the dark-wooded Wright Nightstands and Dresser, makes the whole room feel like a hug. “It felt a little darker than other things in the apartment, but I really like that for sleepytime.”

And after a long moving-in process for both the apartment and the house upstate, this bedroom is one of the first places that really started to feel like home. “For the first time I walked into our bedroom the other night like, oh! This looks like a bedroom! It’s done! It looks sort of like a place that people live and sleep!” she joked. “Like, oh wow, this art looks so much better on the wall rather than just sitting on the floor.” The art above the bed is by Danny Sangra.


On your way in or out of the apartment, you might notice the little waving Queen Elizabeth figure on the Industrial Storage Cabinet in the entryway. It’s actually from Shoshanna’s bedroom on Girls, and it’s the only thing Zosia took from her last day of filming. “It’s like the Queen and the plant are welcoming you.”

Photography by Landon Vonderschmidt

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