We’ll let you in on a not-so-secret hosting tip: an outdoor dinner party is all about ~ambiance~. The food could be so-so, the weather could be a smidge too warm and the mosquitos could be living their best lives all over your guests legs—but as long as the light is right, the wine is flowin’ and the playlist is bumpin’, we promise your guests will remember it as a good night. So relax and let your outdoor lights do all work, so you can stop fretting and enjoy your own party!

💡Here’s everything you need: 💡

1. String Lights: Whether you’re lighting up a small outdoor porch or an entire patio, nothing will transform a space quite like string lights. These aren’t your average Christmas lights, either — these medium-sized round globes with brass accents are so stylish, you’ll want to keep ’em up year-round.

2. Candles + Hurricanes: Candles are pretty obvious, but adding hurricanes and lanterns will give your party a whole new vibe. Switch it up with something rattan or modern for different looks.

3. Torches: Yes, torches! If you’re throwing a tiki party, this is a must. But even if you’re not, consider picking up some of these — light up your whole backyard to make it a get-together to remember.

4. Bonus: Phone Flashlight: For a fun party trick — and for a really good reason to put away your phone while you’re hosting! — turn on your phone’s flashlight and project it through a upside-down translucent candle holder for fun mood lighting wherever you need it.

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