Looking to add a burst of fun and color to your space? Check out our latest exclusive collection with designer Margo Selby, a poppy mix of organic cotton quilts, handwoven rugs and graphic pillows featuring fresh, geometric patterns and bold colors. “I always like a really strong pop of something bright,” she says.

As an artistic medium, Margo says she’s always felt right at home on the loom. She and her studio weavers can push designs as far as they can go, exploring how woven color and structure unite. “Weaving itself has got really strict boundaries, and what is really exciting is what you can do within those boundaries, how you can push those boundaries,” she says. “If I weave a piece of fabric and somebody else weaves a piece of fabric, there’s always going to be something personal in that touch of how that piece was made. You’re probably going to see individual character in each.”

Margo lives in Whitstable, a seaside town in south-east England, and she says the slowed-down atmosphere has influenced her designs. “I feel like there’s time here in which I can be really, really creative,” she says. “My work since I’ve been here has become much simpler, much bolder, big clean lines, less intricate.”

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The collection also supports traditional weavers in India. All rugs are handwoven and ethically handcrafted to Nest standards.

“In India the weavers we’re working with are communities of weavers, they’re villages of weavers,” Margo says. “It’s really, really important that we keep working with them, otherwise that whole tradition could dissipate. One of the most exciting things about working with West Elm is that they are keeping weaving alive. They are supporting that industry which is struggling.”

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