When Christin and Ryan Snowden made the move from Kentucky to Nashville with their two little boys, purchasing their first family-sized home gave them an opportunity to really define their personal style for the first time. The East Nashville home was formerly a local daycare and was renovated by a developer before the family discovered it – talk about move-in-ready dreams becoming a reality!

Shortly after moving in, the Snowdens met with Kara Leigh Pritchard, lead home stylist with West Elm Nashville’s Design Crew, while searching for a dining table in the store. She learned about their modern concept home here and scheduled an in-home appointment for the next week. “I enjoyed this process of discovery with Christin and Ryan,” Kara Leigh says. “We had a blast working to make their new place here in Nashville feel more like home.”

“After their first in-home appointment, we made a game plan – prioritizing spaces and the ideal pieces needed. All in all, we worked together to create a home they could enjoy together as a family for many years to come.”

— Kara Leigh Pritchard, West Elm Nashville Design Crew

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Tour this home below and hear first-hand from Kara Leigh how she brought this Nashville home to life for the Snowden family.


Entryway + Living Room


Let’s start right at the front door! Directly next to the entrance, we used the Andes Bench in Distressed Velvet Forest, serving as a place to suit up or down. Shoes slide beneath with ease and the velvet takes well to this high-traffic area. This piece also sets the tone and introduces the “theme” color for the front of the home – seen with the Luster Velvet Curtains in Green Gables, accent pillows and accessories, as well as the accent wall in the play room.

Completing the entry area around the front door is the Deco Umbrella Stand and Coat Rack, as well as the Eden Cross Base Planters – it’s the first hint of brass that’s used throughout the entire home. And the custom tile adds the perfect amount of pattern right as you enter.

Taking cues from the black framing + doors, baseboards and electrical outlets found throughout the home, we chose the Alexa Collection for the expanded entryway and living room. These bold pieces have a lot of visual impact, making a statement while also providing ample storage — something that was important to the Snowdens with little ones. Since the entryway into the home had a wide footprint, we were able to use the Alexa Burnished 7-Drawer Dresser as a console – bridging the two spaces into one.

One element that Christin loved was the use of rugs. “They make such a huge difference and are well worth the investment,” she says. “Before this process, I don’t think I realized how much they define a space.”

The Axel Sofa is one of Christin and Ryan’s absolute favorite pieces in the entire home, one that really anchors the living room. They especially love using the matching leather ottoman. The warm color tone of the Saddle Leather complements the brick fireplace seamlessly. The round Marble-Topped Pedestal Coffee Table is perfect for little ones since there are no harsh corners.

Acting not only as additional seating, but as a neutral in the space, the pair of Auburn Chairs in Twill Platinum help to divide the living room from the entryway. The compact arms of the chairs allow for comfortable sitting, while not taking up too much real estate between the front of the home and the fireplace.




In the playroom, it was important to create a space that was both congruent with the entry and living room, while providing a bit more whimsy and of course, lots of storage for toys and books. We continued the Luster Velvet Curtains into this open space directly off the main living room.

Keeping with this theme, we used the cowhide rug for visual interest as well as durability. The Spencer Recliner in Nero Leather also plays well with the black media piece from the nearby room, while still coordinating with the Mid-Century Collection. The console serves as storage for toys and books, as does the bookshelf, but it’s the Upholstered Storage Ottomans in Twill Granite that are Christin’s favorite. She says that they keep everything hidden away, while also serving as surface areas for block building, lunchtime, or even added seating.


Kitchen + Dining Room


The kitchen and dining space spills into a large room at the back of the house. Elements like the pine wood ceilings and raw marble countertops were a source of inspiration for a design that marries more natural aesthetics with refined, global flair.

It was important for the Snowdens to be able to seat as many as possible at their dining table, so we chose the versatile Anderson Expandable Dining Table, which seats anywhere from 4 to a snug 12. The Acacia Wood also complements the pine ceilings, providing a grounded modern foundation for the space. We paired the Finley Dining Chairs with the table, which are close neighbors to the Slope Counter Stools in Aegean Leather housed at the large kitchen island. Christin says that every visitor comments on them, saying they are the most comfortable counter stools they’ve ever sat in!


Sitting Room


Christin and Ryan wished to house not only a dining footprint, but also a relaxed entertaining space for weekend gatherings, game-watching, or family cook-outs. For Christin, Ryan and the kids, it serves as a space for all of them to hang out while meals are being prepared – something that was also vital to the design.

With its distinct lines, the Carlo Sofa in the Dusty Teal Distressed Velvet is both modern, playful and inviting. The Roar + Rabbit Swivel Chairs in Stone Velvet play well with the Finley Dining Chairs close by in the dining space. The swivel function is perfect for entertaining, and performance velvet means easy clean-up! The Hand-Knotted Erased Persian-Style Rug works as a neutral pattern in the space bringing together all the brass tones found throughout the large room – including the Faceted Brass Drink Table. Christin says, “I literally use it every day when feeding the baby – it makes for the perfect bottle holder!”

Large sliding glass doors stretch across the entirety of the far wall, making the yard the perfect backdrop. This also allows for lots of natural light, which only enhances the open layout. Keeping things bright and airy, fun and interesting only seemed right. The vision was to do so while pulling the outdoors in, creating an environment where each space serves as an extension of the other.




In the nursery, we wanted to create a bright, whimsical space, while taking cues from the wallpaper, selected from a local wallpaper store in East Nashville. A print which is both playful, but still neutral enough that conversion to a guest room in years to come is still possible.

We used the Mid-Century Collection in White as our foundation. The crib, three drawer dresser with changing table, and day bed all work together to create a cohesive space that is calm, clean-lined, and highly functional. In terms of function, Christin actually says the Shale Striations Rug is probably her favorite piece in the room. It provides a soft, yet durable and easy-to-clean foundation for tummy time or playing in the floor, which she and the boys do on a daily basis.


Master Bedroom


In the master bedroom, Christin wanted a more feminine motif. By using natural fibers and more Bohemian textures, we were able to design a space where pink – her favorite color – was elevated, without being overpowering or off-putting for Ryan. The Phoebe Chair in Light Pink Distressed Velvet and Sphere + Stem Floor Lamp make for a cozy seating retreat in the bedroom space.

The Audrey Collection and Andes Deco Bed in Distressed Velvet Metal were our foundational pieces. On Ryan’s side of the bed is the Audrey Three Drawer Dresser, and on Christin’s side, the Audrey Mini Desk, which serves as a vanity in conjunction with our Mongolian Stool in Platinum. Over each side, we used the Roar + Rabbit Infinity Mirrors, which work well together with the Overlapping Diamonds Mirror over the dresser. The Trellis Clipped Jacquard Curtains and Cordoba Rug, both more natural textures, break up the glam a bit.

Photography by Landon Vonderschmidt

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June 17, 2019

Absolutely gorgeous!


June 28, 2019

I love what the designers created in this house. The look is contemporary, simple and classy. Nice to know it can be done. Especially like the rugs.

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