When fashion designer and blogger Amanda Cotton, who runs the interior design site House Lust, set out to design her 1901 Victorian Terrace just outside of London, she knew she wanted to bring her eclectic taste into each room. “I’m a big fan of wallpapers, rugs, velvet, tassels and house plants,” she says — and it shows! Amanda lives with her husband, Jess, and their one-year-old son, Otis, who has a tropical-inspired nursery outfitted by Pottery Barn Kids and West Elm that would make just about anyone jealous (we’re talking children and adults here). Tour her swoon-worthy maximalist home, shop each room below and see more on @houselust and @westelmuk!

How would you describe your personal style in one phrase?
Maximalist and eclectic with lots of prints and textures.

Which room in your home do you spend the most time in? What do you love the most about it?
Probably our Lounge. I love how our green West Elm Drake Sofa pops against the dark walls which are painted in Farrow and Ball Railings. Plus it has our collection of vases and faux and real house plants/flowers. It’s also got shelves which home all our collectables from our holidays and travels. It’s a cozy space to relax after a day of work — and I also like using our drinks trolley!

What’s one thing in your home you couldn’t live without?
I wouldn’t say I couldn’t live without anything, but there are a few items which hold sentimental value to me. My husband bought me a Tracey Emin print – The Kiss for a wedding present and my friend Barbara Hulanicki gave me a Pineapple ashtray that once belonged to Pablo Escobar. (This lives in our lounge on the shelves.) She’s a special lady who I was very fortunate to work with a few years ago and it was ever so kind of her to gift me this ashtray as she knew I had an obsession with collecting pineapple knick knacks.

How did you approach color in your space?
I wanted the house to flow, so I used a lot of Farrow and Ball Railings paint to link the rooms. The hallway which snakes through the house which is teamed with the Divine Savages Deco Martini wallpaper in blush, and the lounge and loft bedroom are also in these colors.

You’ve lived in the house for 8 years now. When you renovated, what kinds of changes did you make?
We converted our loft into our own living space with bedroom, ensuite and dressing room. It’s great having our own “grown up” floor so we we can get showered, dressed and sleep all on the same floor. It’s also handy having a dressing room so we don’t have to disturb each other when getting dressed as we often wake up at different times to one another.

We actually swapped the kitchen and dining room over when we renovated the house. We wanted more room to cook and chat as we find it’s always the place that friend congregate when they visit.

What were some big (or small) challenges you faced when designing this space?
Overall the biggest challenges have been cost and trying to do all of the renovation work as economical as possible, but without it looking like it’s been done cheaply. Also when we converted our loft, the builder wanted to run the waste pipe for the toilet through our dressing room. Obviously this wasn’t an option, so they had to come up with another option to run the pipework further around the loft to ensure this didn’t happen.

What’s your best piece of advice to those just starting to design a space for themselves?
Live in the space first to get a feel for the layout and how you and your family use the spaces before you do any renovation work. This is so important as you might find you don’t use certain rooms, and need a bigger kitchen/dining space versus a bigger lounge, for example.

And also – always get a Porta loo! Unless you don’t mind builders traipsing through your house.

Photography courtesy of @houselust and @westelmuk

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May 7, 2019

Love your spaces you design!

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