A new urban housing style called a “Tall + Skinny” has been popping up all over the Nashville area in the past few years, where a plot of land that originally housed one large home now has two narrow ones instead. In Tennessee, they’ve been highly sought-after for their great use of space and Craftsman-like details. It’s the perfect space for Nashville resident Angela Justice and her partner, Nick, who purchased a tall-and-skinny new-build in the Green Hills neighborhood in 2018. Coming from Boston, the couple was accustomed to apartment living prior to this and was excited to furnish their new home with its open floor plan for the next chapter of their lives.

Angela sought out the design expertise of West Elm Nashville’s Design Crew, and worked closely with lead stylist Kara Leigh Pritchard, who quickly began the process of pairing modern furniture pieces with antique heirlooms Angela had collected through the years. “Angela’s style is multi-faceted. She’s well-travelled and sentimental, so her taste lends to a Bohemian palette,” says Kara Leigh. “She has genuine appreciation for more modern design – especially taking into account the style of the home which encompasses a more traditional setting. Angela also had some heirloom pieces, namely the Duncan Phyfe Dining Table, which she hoped to incorporate into the design.”

“Overall, the goal was to curate a space which brought all of Angela’s interests together in a well-formed design – a place where the client ultimately feels at home in a space that reflects her taste, intentions and lifestyle.”

— Kara Leigh Pritchard, West Elm Nashville Design Crew.

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Living Room + Kitchen


The color palette Kara Leigh used for the space was roughly inspired by nature – using a mixture of natural hues, wood tones, and rich greens – which all come together seamlessly throughout the main living area. “We flanked two Urban Armless Chairs in Distressed Velvet Olive on both sides of the herringbone tiled fireplace, each with a Gilded Brass Side Table,” says Kara Leigh. “The Harmony Sofa in Eco Weave Oyster provides sleek yet relaxed seating, while also defining the space from the kitchen area directly behind it. The Foiled Diamonds Rug provides a neutral backdrop as well as visual interest for the room.”

To incorporate a Craftsman-like style in this modern home, Kara Leigh opted for matching white Gemini Three-Drawer Dressers. Because of the white lacquer finish, the drawers give the appearance of a “built-in” when placed on each side of the fireplace. An added bonus? – All of the useful storage space the dressers provide. “I love to use dressers in unexpected places of the home – they aren’t made just for the bedroom. We needed something that visually had some weight to it to while providing some extra height in the living room for table lamps. These dressers were the key,” she says.


Dining Room


One of the original pieces that Angela wanted to incorporate into the space was the vintage Duncan Phyfe Dining Table. Kara Leigh was able to pair this large heirloom piece with the Finley Dining Chairs in Worn Velvet Light Taupe, with the Colca Rug and the Champignon Chandelier giving a modern approach to this area of the home. The Andes Bench also provides ample room at the entry to prep for weather or de-layer upon arrival and can also be used as transitional seating both the dining and living space.

“I love how Kara Leigh transformed my antique dining room table – something that I have a deep sentimental attachment to, and made it feel fresh and modern,” says Angela. “I also love the living area with the cozy sofa and plush green chairs. We’ve hosted several small gatherings of friends and family and that space is the perfect area to sit, enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine and relax. The Abstract Print over the fireplace lends the perfect pop of color to my home as well.”


TV Room


“For the TV room, we kept everything light and airy, using the Wood Tiled Buffet and Stacked Disk Storage Coffee Table with the existing leather sectional the couple had at their previous home,” says Kara Leigh. “The artwork in the room are prints that Angela has collected from various travels throughout the years. By framing all the pieces in white Oversized Gallery Frames, it makes for a cohesive, playful look layered behind the TV.”

Below: Kara Leigh Pritchard, Lead Stylist – West Elm Nashville, TN

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April 29, 2019

I know you have westelm in the philippines but have not been to the store yet.just wondering,do you have the same items there? If not can we order from philippines what i see online?thank you.


May 2, 2019

I am absolutely in love with the Nashville house and its interior design -would move in tomorrow if I were not just moving in somewhere else (and the current residents would give it up! lol).
Studying to add this fresh, clean -perfect- vibe to my own home.

Susan Ahern

May 4, 2019

I also love this fresh green living room. Can you tell us where the coffee table is from? It goes perfectly with the other brass accessories from West Elm. I don’t see it on West Elms site.


May 31, 2019

Susan Ahern- the coffee table in the living room is from Anthropologie.


May 31, 2019

Where is that coffee table from!?!?

It is amazing!!

Georgia W. Jones

June 2, 2019

You did such a fabulous job. I love everything you did with the home. I have been trying to find a designer to help me with my home. Unfortunately, can’t seem to find anyone in my area. Wish you lived nearby. I would love to have you design my home. My home was built in 2016. This September we would have been in it for 3 years. I love my home but, it still doesn’t “pop” or make the statement that I would like. I live in the town of Walterboro, state of South Carolina. If you know of anyone that can help me, please give referral


November 4, 2019

Do you recommend the eco weave for cat claws?

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