Editor’s Note: What would you do with a $5,000 room makeover? When we asked, you answered! Shannon McQueen was one of 300+ West Elm fans who entered our recent Room Redo Contest, where we gave 3 winners a West Elm Design Crew makeover. Shannon’s redo request: her bedroom!

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Shannon and Marcos McQueen are new parents. While Marcos is at work (he’s a firefighter + paramedic), Shannon works for Denver Public Schools and stays at home with their 18-month-old son, Fitz. They both wanted a quiet and comfortable bedroom to retreat to and unwind in at the end of a long day—where they’d actually look forward to going to sleep.


“As new parents, our bedroom had become a landing place for laundry and things that need to be put away,” Shannon says.

Their needs:

    1. Brighten things up. The bedroom’s dark taupe carpet and gray-blue walls were more drab than fab.
    2. Go baby-friendly. Since Fitzgerald is often with them, they needed the space to be conducive to family time.
    3. Add personality. Between work and a new baby, Shannon and Marcos hadn’t had time to truly nest in their bedroom, so the space felt bland. They needed help styling and tying it together.

“We wanted a bedroom we could look forward to going to bed in—one that feels like an adult space but is also kid-friendly so we could curl up with Fitz and read books,” Shannon says.

Enter Molly Lennan, Lead Designer of Design Crew at West Elm Denver. “When I first met with Shannon, she brought up the word ‘hygge,'” says Molly, referring to the Danish term for coziness. “That was my biggest inspiration for the project—making it feel comfortable, warm and inviting.”

Molly brought the hygge big-time with an airy palette, soft textures, natural woods and warm lighting. Her 3 key solves:

    1. Lighter walls make the small room feel bigger and more open.
    2. Window treatments like sheer curtains paired with streamlined modern hardware help finish the space, while keeping it light and airy.
    3. Tonal textures + natural materials, from linen to leather and reclaimed woods, create a layered look—a key ingredient to hygge.


“The space was completely transformed,” says Shannon. “It’s so cozy—it just sparkles!”

“When we first walked in, I really felt like I’d walked into a parallel universe where had a bigger house and a bigger room,” Marcos says.

Sweet dreams, McQueens!

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