On a rainy afternoon this past summer, the West Elm Kansas City store team was excited to mix things up for the day: the Queer Eye team was coming to film an episode! Since season 3 of Queer Eye takes place in Kansas City, and Bobby Berk – the design expert in the Fab Five — is a fan of West Elm, it was only natural that they decided to shop for some accessories with one of the show’s “heroes” in the store.

The camera crew came to the store about 15 minutes before Bobby arrived with Jess, the hero in episode 5. The store was still fully open at the time, so real customers were welcome to shop around the whole time.

You might think that they’d do some sort of dry-run before they started filming, but nope! The moment that Bobby and Jess walked into the store, the cameras were rolling and ready to go. They filmed it all in one take so it would seem like an organic shopping experience. And it truly was — this was Jess’s first time at West Elm, so Bobby took her around the whole store to see what she liked best. Read about Bobby’s best design tips here.

Take a tour of the Queer Eye season 3 loft!

Check out some behind-the-scenes shots from the day below, and don’t miss this scene in episode 5 of season 3!

The West Elm Kansas City team is ready for a fun day of filming!

West Elm in Kansas City on the Country Club Plaza.

Getting mic’d up!

Bobby Berk and the hero, Jess, arrive at the store for some shopping.
It was pouring rain that day, so they had to run straight from the car to the entrance!

Bobby checks out our Champignon Chandelier.

The Queer Eye production team took over the West Elm Design Lab as a makeshift office on filming day.

Bobby and Jess take the Axel Sofa for a test-drive.

This was Jess’s first time at West Elm, so Bobby took her around the whole store so he could get a sense of what she was drawn to.

They were on a mission to find some nice tabletop accessories for the hero’s home.

Bobby gives the West Elm Kansas City general manager a hug!

Bobby poses with the Kansas City store associates! From left to right: Stacy Mun, Christine Matlock, Bobby, Landon Kern + Nkem Ezekwe.

Photography by Landon Vonderschmidt

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March 15, 2019

I hope you will have a follow-up post now that the episode has aired with the pieces in Jess’s apartment? It looked wonderful!


May 27, 2019

I love WE and BB so to have these two meet is delightful.

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