It’s that weird time of year where, depending on where you live, you could still be using your fireplace around the clock — or not. Maybe you have one and never use it at all, even on the coldest days. In any case, unlike an AC window unit you can swap in and out as the seasons change, your fireplace isn’t going anywhere. So whether you’re planning to get a few more uses out of it before the spring flowers bloom, or you just don’t use yours at all and have no real plans to, here are a few ideas we love for how to style it!

No fireplace? No problem!
Stream these stylish fire scenes right to your TV

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If you actually might use your fireplace…

A mirror above the fireplace is a pretty classic choice, and with some natural elements like plants and driftwood to round out the mantle, this inviting setup is totally evergreen.

Give your standing planters a little more of a lift by putting them on your raised fireplace. When it’s time to light up, you can easily move them out of the way.

The jungle vibes are strong with this one, and some wood means it’s ready to go whenever. (Just put those records in a safe place first!)

Some cute pups, a good movie and a roaring fire… can we get in on this action too?

If you definitely won’t use your fireplace…

Talk about maximalist! Plants, books, a wine rack (!) — this gorgeous fireplace has everything but the embers. By painting it gray to match the walls, it lets all the other elements shine.

We love a dramatic black look, and the pop of purple is beautiful with the colors of the rug.

From the mantra above the mantle to the rolled newspaper in the basket, this 19th century fireplace knows how to make a statement.

This one is so light and airy, we wouldn’t dare light a real fire in it! Try all white everything with gold accents for a glam look.

Photography by Landon Vonderschmidt, Maxwell Tielman and Lindsey Swedick.

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