So let’s say you have enough space in your living room for not one, but two sofas. This is a good thing! Having two sofas is a practical way to get in lots of extra seating and can instantly up the coziness factor in your living room. But you don’t want it look like an accident, as if you just couldn’t decide on one and wound up with two that don’t really work with your space – or with each other. We’re here to help! With the right configuration and color combos, you’ll be well on your way to the double-sofa living room of your dreams.

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Positioning: Find Your Angles

You basically have two options when it comes to having two sofas in one room: position them facing each other across the room, or next to each other at a right angle. Two couches coming together on a corner brings instant coziness around a TV set or fireplace, while facing sofas might be better suited for entertaining and more formal conversation clusters. Knowing what will work best for your space is key to making the two sofa look work for you. (And don’t forget: you can always rearrange it later!)

Option 1: Two Sofas Facing Each Other

For this living room, the Austin Design Crew used two matching Andes Sofas facing each other, then anchored the space with two leather Lucas Swivel Chairs on the other end. See more here.

Option 2: Two Sofas at a Right Angle

Sofas coming together on the corner make this stunning lofted living room in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, feel homey and inviting. See more here.

Color Combos: Mix or Match

If you’re starting from scratch and going for a super-polished, cohesive look, buying two matching sofas might be a good way to go. It’s a nice alternative to a traditional sectional, especially if you feel like you might want to play around with the positioning. Think you’d rather mix it up? That works too! For a foolproof way to make it look cohesive, try pairing a light-colored leather sofa with neutral-colored fabric sofa in a similar style. Odds are you already have one or the other, so if you’re just looking to add a second sofa into the mix in your living room, you’re already halfway there!

Option 1: Match Your Sofas

Pairing matching sofas in an L-shape fills a large living space and is a great way to create the illusion of a sectional, but still have the versatility of individual sofas, according to Lead Stylist Andrew Webb from the Greensboro Design Crew, who worked on this home in North Carolina. See more here.
Think pink! These matching Mid-Century Monroe Chaise Loungers are instantly glam in this Palm Springs Design Crew project. See more here.

Option 2: Choose Sofa That’s Leather, One That’s Not

In this 1930’s Charleston home, pillows that match help pull these couches together. See more here.

In this Cincinnati home, the owner’s green couch matches the plants and the leather Axel Sofa matches the corgi!

The Woven Pixel Rug goes the extra mile to tie these sofas together in this Kansas City home. See more here.

Need more help figuring out your sofa situation?
Book a West Elm Design Crew appointment here!

Photography by Landon Vonderschmidt, Maxwell Tielman, Amanda Seifert and Lindsey Swedick

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