Driven by a passion for storytelling, Rachel Schwartzmann uses her content company, The Style Line, to tell authentic stories of creative communities around the world that are simultaneously adventurous while still being thoughtful and slowed-down. Since its inception as a Tumblr account in 2011, Rachel has expanded the site’s scope to include several other creative agencies and, most recently, launched a podcast for slow stories. Since she maintains her businesses while traveling many months out of the year, Rachel is no stranger to the importance of having a calming home base to reset and reflect, or as she puts it, “hibernate.”

“The Style Line’s mission is really
all about fostering exploration, but
ultimately I think that process of discovery always
leads to finding or cultivating a place
that feels like home.

Rachel’s proclivity for authenticity and the ability to slow down in the chaotic world of online content can be directly observed in her home, a quaint two-bedroom apartment in a small brownstone in Park Slope. Built before 1900, it is just the kind of charming, relaxing, sun-drenched oasis anyone could hope for. Undeniably, her home can be seen as a direct reflection of her: a perfect blend of fashionable, elegant, and quirky. Everything has a place and every item in her home tells a story.

We were delighted to have the opportunity to visit Rachel in her cozy Brooklyn abode to chat with her about running her own business and what the home signifies for her. Read the full story below!

Words by Rachel Schwartzmann + Photography by Lindsey Swedick

Hi! I’m Rachel Schwartzmann.

I am the Founder and CEO of The Style Line, a boutique content company based in NYC. Within The Style Line’s family of brands, we have CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL, a slow content agency specializing in creating stories and cultivating connection for innovative brands, and subsequently, our agency’s new podcast Slow Stories, which dives deeper into the rising slow content movement. If you couldn’t tell, I’m passionate about supporting small businesses and solving problems through storytelling.

Outside of my work, I indulge in two extremes: Traveling around the globe or hibernating at home with a good book and the company of loved ones. In either scenario, I’m satisfied.

west elm — rachel schwartzmann

How long have you lived in your apartment?

I’ve lived in this beautiful apartment with John (@jhnmclghln) and our adorable bunny Pepper (@pepperthebrooklynbun) for just under a year, but funnily enough, we’ve lived on the same block in Park Slope for almost three years now. It definitely feels like home!

Since your business focuses on constant exploration and movement, what does the home signify to you?

It’s funny, as you mentioned, The Style Line’s mission is really all about fostering exploration, but ultimately I think that process of discovery always leads to finding (or cultivating) a place that feels like home. As an entrepreneur, there’s no better comfort than knowing that you have a space that will always be your constant, especially as you navigate so many uncertainties that come with running a business. But to me, generally having a home base personally or professionally means having a foundation and a go-to haven that provides space for rest and reflection — two things that I think are becoming more prevalent in the “self-care” revolution we’re experiencing.

west elm — rachel schwartzmann

west elm — rachel schwartzmann

west elm — rachel schwartzmann

west elm — rachel schwartzmann

What is your morning ritual?

Coffee. My days don’t (read: can’t) begin without quiet time and caffeine.

What was your favorite part in designing this space to feel like you? What were some challenges?

I moved to NYC when I was 12. Since then, I’ve endured so many apartments and have become no stranger to the idea of “less is more.” So when we stumbled across this gem of an apartment, our main challenge became one of the best problems anyone in the city can have: How do we furnish/design an apartment with more space to work with?

Over time, John and I have borrowed from one another’s design sensibilities — from him, my tastes have become more refined when it comes to finding the beauty in simplicity and minimalism, and from me, he’s gotten more adventurous with details around textures and color palettes. As a result, we had a blast merging our respective interior tastes to create an elegant but live-able space filled with objects from people and places we love. Obviously, West Elm is one of them! We made it a point to purchase larger pieces (like our bed and dining room furniture) to tie the apartment together and ensure an element of visual consistency throughout the space.

west elm — rachel schwartzmann

west elm — rachel schwartzmann

west elm — rachel schwartzmann

west elm — rachel schwartzmann

Flowers by Maman NYC

What is one thing in your home that you absolutely cannot live without?

My grandmother Sharon Schwartzmann’s artwork (@sharonschwartzmann) is something I certainly can’t live without — we have at least ten pieces from her sprinkled throughout the apartment! After pivoting away from a focus in fashion illustration, Sharon’s work gradually began to focus on abstracted figures with an emphasis on color and texture, but her love for fashion and the female form is still very much present. Simply put, she has an incredible eye, and her art has become the centerpiece of each room. I’m always so proud to be able to point to her work and say, “My grandmother made this.”

What project/collaboration are you the most excited about right now?

I’d say the one specific initiative I’m excited about is cementing CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL’s position as a leader in the “slow content movement” even further. So far, we’ve been able to do this by launching the agency’s podcast, Slow Stories, which features candid conversations with world-renowned marketers and brand builders about the importance of slowing down and creating enduring content and storytelling. As we’re planning for Season 2, we’re also going to be taking Slow Stories one step further by launching a fun partnership with one of the leading entrepreneurship/career platforms. Stay tuned for more on that soon!

west elm — rachel schwartzmann

west elm — rachel schwartzmann

What is the best risk you’ve ever taken?

Entrepreneurship. I started The Style Line when I was just 18 years old, and a senior in high school, so the opportunity to transition it into a viable small business has been an ongoing lesson in discipline, resilience, and courage. This process has — and probably will continue to be— the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but building this business has been the absolute honor of my life.

What do you love most about NYC?

It’s enigmatic and ever-evolving, but most importantly it’s been my home for the past 14 years, and it’s hard to imagine my home base being anywhere else.

west elm — rachel schwartzmann


west elm — rachel schwartzmann

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Toni Bessone

February 20, 2019

Love those dining chairs. Is the light blue fabric custom?

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