Picture this: You step in the front door, but your house is wayyyy less cluttered than usual. How is this possible? Everything has a place — your junk mail, your snowy jacket, your umbrella, your keys, your dog’s leash – all of it.

The key to pulling this off IRL is having an entryway situation that works for you. After all, where does all that stuff tend to accumulate? Right by the door. Maybe you’re lacking in the closet department and need a place to hang your coats, or maybe all you really need a place to sit and tie your shoes. Maybe you’ve got some thriving plants you want to display, or maybe you just want to hide everything away. Maybe you’re working with no floor space at all, but you need hooks and a shelf at the very least—and you might have room to scale up in the future. In any case, West Elm’s new Nolan Entryway Collection is totally customizable and expandable, so you can put together the exact right configuration for you. See a few smart options below, but there’s so much more where that came from! Start designing your own here.

Ready to get the goods? Start building your own Nolan Entryway here!

When you’ve got lots of entryway space… and lots of stuff

Put everything in its place in the most stylish way possible. This configuration gives you hooks, drawers, closed cabinets, open shelves, and even a bench.
Shop now: Build-Your-Own Nolan Entryway Collection

When you want to show some things off… and hide the rest

Maybe your guests don’t need to see your shoes, but they do need to see your pretty vases. Choose just how much you want to show off with either open shelving or closed cabinets. It’s totally up to you!
Shop now: Nolan Entryway Open + Closed Cabinet + Bench Set and Nolan Entryway Closed Cabinet + Bench Set

When you need function… without lots of furniture

A shelf with hooks, a bench with cabinets — these pieces pull double duty without taking up too much visual real estate.
Shop now: Nolan Entryway Bench + Wall Shelf Set

When you’re always on the go… and so is your whole family

Now everyone has a place to stash their favorite coat, hat, and shoes — and then grab it all quickly on the way out the door. Not much floorspace? Go for one locker instead of three to minimize the footprint.
Shop now: Nolan Entryway Lockers

When your mail keeps piling up… and so do your shoes

Mail goes in the drawers, shoes go underneath. Boom! Done. Already got a shoe storage situation down? You can use that spot for books or baskets instead.
Shop now: Nolan Entryway Console

Build your own Nolan Entryway here!

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