What we don’t have: a crystal ball. What we do have: a list of 100 spot-on trend predictions for 2019, and a whoooole lot of data to back it up. Pinterest recently released its much-anticipated Pinterest 100, an annual list of everything that’s trending right now across the home decor space, as well as fashion, travel, food and more. And really, who better to tell us what’s cool in terms of home trends for 2019 than the data gurus at Pinterest? It’s basically an ever-changing vision board of the things tastemakers are clicking, searching, and saving across the Internet, before they get the goods IRL, style it nicely in their homes, and post the swoon-worthy final product on Instagram. (And it’s also a fun memento of design trends past—raise your hand if you’re just as embarrassed by your 2013 pins as I am!) Scroll on to see what made the list this year, and buckle up, because you’re going to start seeing these everywhere for the rest of 2019.


Top Home Trends for 2019


1. Mustard Yellow

And it was all yellow… mustard yellow, to be exact. Searches for this color have gone up 45% year-over-year, which doesn’t surprise us much, since this sunny hue is such a great way to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space. And you can go as big or small with it as you want—from a little vase to a massive area rug or anything in between.
Shop now: Crescent Swivel Chair in Horseradish from West Elm
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2. Textile Art

Walls looking a little flat? Give your space some dimension and texture with textile art. Pinterest says that searches for this term have gone up a whopping 1,718% over the past year. Erin Barrett of SunWoven, one of our LOCAL makers from Charleston, SC, makes these impressive pieces. Check out her home tour here and see where the magic really happens in her studio tour.
Shop now: SunWoven Wall Hanging from West Elm

Shop now: Deco Weave Wall Art – Curves
Shop now: SunWoven Asymmetrical Wall HangingShop now: Yerbamala Designs Wall Hanging – Medium
Shop now: Janelle Gramling Eclipse Wall Hanging

3. Cool Cactus Arrangements

If you thought we were going to make it through this list without some succulents, you are sorely mistaken. Yes, this has been a trend for a few years now, but Pinterest says it’s only getting bigger and bigger—it rose by 235% in the past year alone. It’s the perfect excuse to up your terrarium game, which you can learn how to do here.
Shop now: Faceted Terrariums
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4. Bold Print Wallpaper

Looking for permission to take the plunge on an in-your-face wallpaper? Pinterest says the trend is here to stay: it rose 401% in searches over the past year. And even if this trend doesn’t stick around forever-forever, removable wallpaper is here to save the day, so you can try the bold life out for just a little while.
Shop now: Drop It MODERN Irving Removable Wallpaper from West Elm
Shop now: Wallshoppe Buffalo Check Removable Wallpaper
Shop now: Drop It Modern Wanderlust Wallpaper
Shop now: Chasing Paper Removable Wallpaper Panels – Stamped Dots
Shop now: Drop It MODERN Femme Removable Wallpaper

5. Vertical gardens

Yup, vertical gardens are on the rise too (get it?). These have been in all the coolest restaurants and stores (including ours!) but will 2019 be the year that they start popping up in real people’s homes in a big way? Pinterest seems to think so—searches for the term have risen 287% recently. Get ahead of the game with this awesome DIY Vertical Garden how-to from our archives.
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Here’s what else is on the Pinterest 100 for home decor in 2019:

What else do you think we’ll see more of in the coming year? Let us know in the comments below, and follow us on Pinterest to see these trends come to life in 2019.

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