So maybe you didn’t get the new iPhone for Christmas this year. That’s okay! We’ve got good news: you can still totally refresh your phone for 2019 with a cool new wallpaper. Oh yeah, and it’s free, so you’re welcome. Check out the 5 most popular wallpapers our readers downloaded this year to get started. And if none of these are speaking to you right now, that’s totally fine—we’ve got even more right here, and we’re adding more all the time. To download each of these, click the photo, then click the link that says either Mobile or Desktop, save the image to your device, and you’re ready to rock and roll!

1. Tropical Leaf

The next time a stressful work email pops up on your screen, take a look at this calming background and pretend you’re away on a tropical vacation. Deep breath in, close your eyes, feel the breeze, listen to the birds chirping, delete the email. (Okay, maybe don’t delete the email. But do the rest!) Download our Tropical Leaf wallpaper here.

2. Pink Flower

Think pink with this sophisticated floral pattern, which doubles as a friendly reminder to pick up some fresh blooms on your way home. Download our Pink Flower wallpaper here.

3. Rolling Dot

Do you love your bed even more than you love your phone? Join the club! Now you can match your two favorite things with this fun Rolling Dot wallpaper inspired by our duvet cover + shams of the same name! Download our Rolling Dot wallpaper here.

Downloads — Cactus Wallpaper

4. Vibrant Cactus

Stay sharp with this fun cactus wallpaper. It’ll keep you warm and brighten your day even in the dead of winter! Download our Vibrant Cactus wallpaper here.

west elm tropical wallpaper download — bird of paradise

5. Bird of Paradise

You guys really liked tropical leaf wallpapers this year, didn’t you? Transport yourself to another part of the world with this vibrant splash of color. Download our Bird of Paradise wallpaper here.

See the rest of our downloadable wallpapers here!

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