Have you tried a dirty martini lately? They had their time back in the 90s and early 2000’s but they’re making a bit of a comeback since they’re part of the classics. They’re pretty elegant looking, quite boozy, and they make you feel a bit James Bond-esque, especially when drinking them all dressed up at a holiday party.

For this recipe I wanted to make a version of a dirty martini as a night cap, but instead of leaning towards something sweet, I decided to add a couple herbaceous / savory notes and also added a bit of extra punch with the addition of Mezcal, so smokey and tasty!

This drink also works as a welcome cocktail for your guests, though, since it’s quite boozy, you may want to have some snacks ready for them to nibble so they don’t end up dancing on top of the table before dinner time.

This recipe is also quite easy to make, you just leave a few of the ingredients infuse the mezcal (bay leaves and fennel) for a few hours (while you’re cooking up a storm probably) and you’re good to go! I added a couple tips to look like a bar tender pro too. Enjoy!

west elm recipe — mezcal martini

west elm recipe — mezcal martini

A Night Cap: Not Too Dirty Mezcal Martini

You’ll need:

    Dry vermouth
    ½ bulb fresh fennel (with fronds), thinly sliced
    5 bay leaves
    1 fresh lemon
    Green olives to garnish


    1. Place about 2 cups of mezcal in a large glass container or jug to infuse. Add the bay leaves and sliced fennel and let it sit for 4 hours (longer if you want more flavor into it).

    2. Once the mezcal has been infused, you are ready to make the cocktails, start by placing the martini glasses in the freezer to chill.

    3. To make each cocktail: In a beaker or mixing glass add a few cubes of ice, about 2 oz of the infused mezcal and 1 oz dry vermouth, stir for 1 minute until mixing glass gets frosty. Prepare the garnish by placing a few olives in a cocktail pick and peel the lemon to make lemon twists. Grab your frosty martini glass from the freezer and strain the cocktail into the glass. Garnish (swirl the olives for a few seconds to infuse some of the brine into it) and serve.

west elm recipe — mezcal martini

west elm recipe — mezcal martini

west elm recipe — mezcal martini

west elm recipe — mezcal martini

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