Candles add a touch of magic to any room. With that soft, flickering light they’re mood-makers, atmosphere-setters and eye-catchers. Layer in some seasonal elements to your display and you’ve got instant holiday magic! On a mantel, side table or as a centerpiece, decorating with candles is quick and easy. Here’s a few of our favorite and foolproof ways to decorate with these versatile glow-getters:

There’s Power In Numbers

Group 15 – 20 tapers together in two long rows. No need to be super neat about lining them up, a slightly uneven approach will look warmer and more natural. The uniformity and height of the tapers makes a bold statement. Finish it off with some plants or fruit at base of the candles.

Give Your Mantel a Makeover

Pillars in varying heights are perfect for your mantel. And because we can’t get enough of this glow-y goodness, we like to add some LED string lights to the mix. A swoosh of green garland and you’re good to go.

Bring Everyone To The Table

Liven up any holiday table with a centerpiece that wows. Start with a large pillar in the center and create a row of pillars on either side that gradually decrease in size. Wind through some seasonal greenery like garland + cranberries or LED lights. Or try floating some tea lights in water with some cranberries and greenery.

Glam up that glow

Add extra pizazz with mercury glass candleholders or mercury glass scented candles. The magical glow of mercury glass is unparalleled and look stunning as a centerpiece, mantelpiece or display.

Practice safety in style

However you choose to incorporate the coziness of candles, it’s best to remember a few simple safety tips. Keep candles on a stable, heat-resistant surface and away from anything flammable (and never leave a burning candle unattended). As an alternative, there’s always flameless candles—they cast a glow without looking faux and are safe to use anywhere.

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