This time of year finds us indulging in two of our favorite things—watching holiday movies and being blissfuly sedentary on big, comfy pieces of furniture. Preferably at the same time. With snacks. As the temperatures drop and snow begins to blanket our neck of the woods, we’ve decided to celebrate these small domestic pleasures in a not-so-small way. After polling our team for their favorite holiday flicks, we recreated them as rooms at our Brooklyn photo studio. Consider this your reminder to take some time to yourself with a blanket, some popcorn, and one of these five classics.

west elm - Five Best Holiday Movies


Selected by Chris Antonelli, Video Producer

Can you not get enough Howie Mandel this holiday season? Then do I have the movie for you: Howie Mandel is the voice of Gizmo in GREMLINS. Every year I look forward to curling up under the Christmas tree and popping on this horror / comedy to really get into the festive spirit!

west elm - Five Best Holiday Movies

White Christmas

Selected by Kelsey Mirando, Copywriter

White Christmas is the cherry on top of my holiday season. It’s got it all: singing, dancing, crackling fires, a get-out-of-dodge run from the sheriff and (my personal favorite) the sister act to beat all sister acts. I can’t get enough of the 1950s turns of phrase like “weirdsmobile,” “kiss my foot” and “I’ve got no squawks, no beefs.” This Christmas will be my husband’s first with my family, which includes a sing-along screening at a local theater. We’ll see whether his review is as raving…

west elm - Five Best Holiday Movies

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Selected by Laura Yacoe, Manager of Ecommerce Copy

This was one of my favorite holiday reads as a kid, and I’m torn between which version I like better: the OG cartoon or the Jim Carey rendition. While silly and over the top, it’s an important reminder that the season is about spending time with the people you love. “It came without ribbons, it came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags. Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas (he thought) means a little bit more.” Also, I’m convinced that the dog Max is the actual star of both movies.

west elm - Five Best Holiday Movies


Selected by Nancy Soriano, Editorial Director

Elf is one of my all-time favorite holiday movies. Buddy, who accidentally was brought to the North Pole by Santa and brought up by elves, goes in search of his true self and father. His travels to New York bring him discoveries he never imagined and we are lucky enough to be along for the ride. I watch Elf each year and still laugh endlessly. Some all-time fave moments are Buddy making the perfect holiday breakfast of spaghetti with candy, maple syrup, and topped off with pop tarts. Or, when Peter Dinklage plays “an angry elf.” As well as Buddy’s amazing paper craft skills. And, I do love his green suit and yellow tights. A new classic in every way!

west elm - Five Best Holiday Movies

Home Alone

Selected by Maxwell Tielman, Social Media Manager

Looking for some nineties nostalgia and a heavy dose of Christmas spirit? Look no further than this Chris Columbus classic. Starring an iconic Macaulay Culkin in every child’s dream/nightmare, this romp packs its fair share of holiday hijinks, slapstick schadenfreude, and an always amazing Catherine O’Hara.

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Kathy Blackburn

November 29, 2018

Recently started receiving your emails. They are great fun. Not just a boring advertisement but fun, interesting and helpful hints too.
I am not a mid century modern style person but so-o-o many things in your store that I love! (Have my eye on the Harmony sofa. So comfy.)

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