Let’s just get this out of the way: nobody likes to pack. Unless you are a next-level organizing fiend with an inexplicable love for tedium, you probably put off filling your suitcase until the very last minute. This might be expedient in the moment, but has a tendency of complicating things once you reach your destination. We’ve all found ourselves hunched over our bag, tossing wrinkled t-shirts onto the floor in an attempt to find a toothbrush. With the holidays right around the corner, packing becomes even more of a challenge—how to pack your clothes, toiletries, and presents into a carry-on? We got you. Here are a few quick tips to simplify your packing + help you feel organized once you get to your destination.


Traveling with posters or wrapping paper? Pop them into a hard cardboard mailing tube to keep them clean and avoid needing to fold them.


Want to avoid wrinkles? Try rolling your clothes instead of folding them. Added benefit: you can line your wardrobe up rather than stacking it and keep all items visible!


Keep your shoes in shape AND save space by filling them with smaller knit items (like your socks!).


Checking your bag? Get out of baggage claim faster by tying an identifying bright ribbon on your suitcase.

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