Zombies showing up at your door is definitely nothing you want to see in person. However, if you fail to provide your Halloween party guests with the right amount of tasty food, you may unleash the dreaded apocalypse right at your place. To avoid this, you gotta make sure to have something that looks halloween-y but still holds its head high and will not be covered in candy corn.

Enter the always dashing looking, delicious tasting, and easy-makin’ smørrebrød spread. If you haven’t heard of this term, it’s basically a Scandinavian open-faced sandwich loaded with lots of goodies. The best thing about them is that you don’t necessarily need to make all the components, it’s more about putting the right assemblage together.

For this spread, I decided to go with dark deep colors, a little bit of red here and there, some oozing guts (beets), eyeballs (caper berries), and mud (tapenade and beet hummus). Trust me, this spread is so good you’ll awaken the spirits hidden in your closet.

When building your own spread, think about color and texture: always have some crunch or freshness and a touch of acidity.

Let’s make a bloody (yummy) mess!

west elm recipe — smorrebrod

west elm recipe — smorrebrod

west elm recipe — smorrebrod

A Smørrebrød Spread For The Living

    -Bread: Pumpernickel and and coarse rye bread
    Spreads: beet hummus (you can buy it at the sore or make your own by adding about 1 tbsp of pureed cooked beets into regular hummus), pâté (any kind of your liking, liver would be extra halloween-y), and olive tapenade
    Sweet/spicy touch: blueberry jam, chili flakes
    Acidity / saltiness: caper berries, pickled beets,
    Fresh touch: tomatoes, fresh dill, pomegranate, radicchio
    Meats: chorizo, salmon


1. Cut the bread in small rectangles so they are easier to eat in a couple bites

2. Start with a layer of the spread, add a touch of sweet or spicy (or both), then some acidity, meat, and a touch of fresh. Season with salt and pepper, a touch of olive oil and repeat for the rest of the ingredients.

west elm recipe — smorrebrod

west elm recipe — smorrebrod

west elm recipe — smorrebrod

The combos in the images are:

    – Tapenade, smoked salmon, pomegranates, and dill
    Pâté, blueberry jam, chili flakes, radicchio and tomato
    Beet hummus, chorizo, beets, and kiwi berries


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