If you’re miserable at chopping vegetables and a roasting turkey is best left in somebody else’s care, chances are you’re the type of person who gets tasked with setting the table at holiday dinners. Although this not-quite-thrilling duty is simple (does it really matter where the salad fork goes?), it does present the culinarily challenged a rare opportunity to show off. Follow the simple tips in this video below and you’ll earn extra points with your host and compliments from other dinner guests. “What a lovely table setting! Who did that?” YOU DID.

west elm - How To Set A Table

Some helpful hints:

1. Forks on your left, spoon and knife on the right.
2. Place your knife with the blade facing inwards, towards the plate.
3. Always arrange flatware in order of use. Soup and salad first? Those utensils go on the outside.
4. Less is more. If you’re not serving salad or soup, skip the bowl!

Get the Look

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October 12, 2018

Thank you. I was glad to see your layout for a place setting. Most people wouldn’t know how to do that, what goes where.
Life and death it isn’t, but it is the “language and balance” of the table. Once you know it, the rest is simple. There is nothing I like to see more than taking something like the traditional place setting and creating one’s own look. There are hundreds of variations, color, linens, cutlery, crystal, china, flowers, and place markers, to name a few, and each personal touch is better than the last.

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