There’s no question that a good wallpaper can transform a space, but you might have put off taking the leap into wallpaper-land for one major reason: the idea of actually hanging it sounds downright agonizing. Glueing oversized sheets of unwieldy paper to a wall and needing to get your measurements right and align a pattern? Waiting in line for a root canal sounds more enticing. It might surprise you, then, that there is a pretty simple way to hang wallpaper—one that the set builders at the west elm photo studio use as their go-to method (they know a thing or two about assembling a room in no time). So go ahead and pick out your favorite wallpaper, because you’re going to want to try this!


    Wallpaper (measure your space to make sure you have enough!)
    Wallpaper adhesive
    A Roller for spreading adhesive
    A squeegee or a smoother
    A utility knife

1. Measure your space to determine how much wallpaper you need. Consult the source of your wallpaper for exact quantity needs.

2. Apply wallpaper adhesive to your wall with a roller. Only apply enough for one panel at a time.

3. Using a ladder or step stool, align your first wallpaper panel with a ceiling corner in your room. Flatten down the paper along the height of the wall to the floor or baseboard.

4. Firmly press a squeegee or smoother along the applied wallpaper to remove any air bubbles.

5. Cut off the hanging excess wallpaper by dragging a utility knife along the edge of your floor or baseboard.

6. Repeat! Be sure to find the place where the wallpaper repeats and line up the pattern accordingly. It’s OK for the paper panels to overlap slightly! That’s it!

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