An open floor plan is a design concept many people have been gravitating towards in recent years. From home renovations that remove walls, to new-builds that are centered around these open architectural features, larger living spaces seamlessly connect the day-to-day home activities into one united space.

This open-concept was the layout for Joanna DiBenedetto and her family’s 4-bedroom home in Charlotte, North Carolina’s Seversville neighborhood. Housed within the main living space of the home was a kitchen, dining room, living room, and home office. Figuring out how to visually connect all of these spaces became Joanna’s main design challenge. Shortly after moving in, Joanna met with Jessica Sullo, lead Home Stylist with west elm Charlotte’s Design Crew, to begin bringing the space to life.

“My goal was to make her personality really show through her furniture,” Jessica notes. “Joanna is so bright, friendly + welcoming and I wanted this space to feel the same. She wasn’t afraid of color and she knew what furniture she liked, but the key question was how to connect these pieces together in such an open space.”

The Andes Sectional Sofa, with its large seating area, was a perfect option for the whole family. The wasabi colored Roar + Rabbit Swivel Chairs add a welcomed addition of color. What really united the open room, though, was the subtle use of brass throughout. From the Lenox Dining Chairs and Mobile Chandelier in the dining room, the brass detailing on the Audrey collection in the home office area, to the planters in the living room, brass played a major role in connecting the space. Take a closer look below!

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“My favorite part of the space? – It’s got to be the Lenox Dining Chairs,” say Jessica. “They added that subtle touch of modern to the large existing table the family had. They are comfortable but gave it a completely different look. They really are the first thing a person notices when they walk into the room – I love that!”

Below: Jessica Sullo, Lead Stylist – west elm Charlotte, NC

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August 18, 2018

This house is amazing! What is the paint color used on the walls. Looks great with the white trim.


August 26, 2018

What color are the walls???

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