Hayo! Summer is here! And with it a full blast of heat. Like the song says, heatwave! Burning in my heart. Since it may be too hot to get in the kitchen to cook anything, I came up with a cooling recipe for a plant-based soft serve that’s super colorful and absolutely tasty. You don’t need to cook, you only need to get a few ingredients, blend some fruit, and bam! You are ready to chill in style.

The colors in this recipe are totally inspired by a carnival (which you’ll see more of in the next recipes here in West Elm) and also a little hint of Sailor Moon, haha, who doesn’t like that combo?

The soft serve uses a frozen fruit base, and the cone gets crushed at the bottom of the glass so you still get the whole experience minus the mess. Decorate with a vegan cookie and some colorful candy and/or flowers and that’s it! You can change up the frozen fruit for anything you like, if you want a creamier consistency you can add a touch of coconut cream.

Ok let’s cool down and blast this heatwave with some delicious treats.

recipe — fruit soft serve

recipe — fruit soft serve

Plant-Based Summer Soft Serve
Serves 4


    3 cups frozen pineapple
    ¼ cup fresh lemon juice
    2 cups frozen mango
    1 cup frozen jackfruit (you can buy it at an international market or you can buy it canned in syrup and freeze it, jackfruit makes it extra creamy since it’s a fatty fruit)
    2 tbsp lime juice
    1 pack ice cream cones (vegan)
    Candy (I used vegan “skittles”)
    Piping bag and a wide piping star tip to make the swirls
    Edible flowers for garnish and a vegan cookie (I used a matcha cookie)
    PS. Make sure to use edible flowers! The flowers you see on the soft serve are edible pansies, the other ones on the set are just decoration. If you are unsure about what edible flowers to use, go to your grocery store and look in the herb section for pre-packaged edible flowers

recipe — fruit soft serve

recipe — fruit soft serve

recipe — fruit soft serve


    1. Place the frozen pineapple and lemon juice in a blender and blend until smooth, you may need to scrape the bottom a few times to get it going. Once blended place in a bowl in the freezer.
    2. Blend the frozen mango, jackfruit, and lime juice until smooth. Grab the piping bag, then scoop in the frozen mango sorbet in one half, add the frozen pineapple bit on the other half, squeeze a bit to blend them in. Pipe until both colors start to come out.
    3. To serve, crush some of the ones in to the glass, pipe the sorbet, then decorate with the candy, cookie, and edible flowers.

recipe — fruit soft serve


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