Most of us wish we had bigger kitchens, but reality can be a cruel mistress. If you love to cook, today’s urban apartments can leave a lot (like, a lot a lot) to be desired. That said, there are simple hacks you can enact in your existing kitchenette to add space and style without breaking the bank. Here are a few!

west elm - How To Organize A Small Kitchen


Curtain rods don’t just have to be for your windows. We attached one to the underside of these shelves to create a beautiful and functional hanging bar for cooking utensils and tea towels.


S-hooks are an endlessly useful tool. We love these brass shower hooks created by west elm LOCAL maker Quiet Town Home.


Save space on your countertops and in your drawers by putting your knives on a wall-mounted knife block!


Open shelving has a tendency to keep you more organized. It keeps everything visible and at-the-ready and gone are the days where you find three-years expired food in the back of your cabinets.


Decanting your snacks + dried goods into jars and containers serves two purposes. It’s attractive and oftentimes helps to save space!


Try this small-space herb garden hack: place your most-used herbs in a hanging planter and put it right in your window for sunlight.


You know what’s easier + cheaper than tiling? Hanging wallpaper. We used this beautiful geometric wallpaper pattern to mimic the look of decorative tiles.

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February 5, 2018


Which the name of the floating shelf product? I can’t seem to find them. And, I’m hoping they can be cut to custom widths.


Maxwell Tielman

February 5, 2018

Hey, Wesley!

The shelves aren’t actually a west elm product, they were custom-made for this kitchen!

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