If you’re trying to decorate your Christmas tree this year without having a nervous breakdown in a pile of tangled string lights: take a deep breath, maybe have a glass of wine, and follow these tips from our stylists.

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1. General rule of thumb for purchasing string lights: You will need about 100 lights for each foot of tree height. If your tree is six feet tall, you’ll need 600 lights, etc.

2. Add lights by wrapping the cords around each tree branch, from the inside of the tree outward and back again. Work from the bottom of the tree up.

3. Add your tree topper before you add ornaments. This might seems counterintuitive, but it will keep your ornaments from falling and breaking when you reach up to put the topper on.

4. When you put your ornaments on, create an imaginary grid over the tree and evenly distribute your ornaments between the quadrants. Start with filler ornaments (balls, icicles, etc) and end with your statement ornaments.

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December 10, 2017

What kind of tree is that? Is it real or fake?

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