Depending on the size of your home (and, let’s face it, level of manual dexterity and craft skill), decking your halls in full holiday splendor might not be as doable as you’d like. Lucky for you, small is in (looking at you, Pineapple Christmas Trees) and there is no shortage of fun, small-space-friendly decorating ideas for the holidays. We’re loving this idea for a Holiday Forest terrarium—it’s a great project for kids and, even better, YOU CAN EAT IT. Here’s to keeping things tiny (and manageable) this holiday season!


    a terrarium
    white sugar
    sugar cones
    white icing
    jellybeans or gumdrops
    candy canes
    miniature deer (available at model train suppliers)

To create your jellybean Christmas trees, cover the outsides of sugar cones with white icing and affix with jelly beans or gumdrops.

Fill a terrarium ⅓-½ way with white sugar. Distribute unevenly to create slopes within the terrarium. Place your jellybean Christmas trees, followed by your candy canes and miniature deer. Admire your work!

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