Minimal, Modern + Monochrome in Vancouver

Old bones can be hard to find on North America’s West Coast, so when photographer Gillian Stevens and her husband moved into this pre-war Vancouver home, they decided to let the details do the talking. With certain decorating avenues already stymied because the space is a rental, the couple opted for a decidedly minimalist look to complement the home’s bungalow aesthetic. “It’s taken a few years, but I finally feel I have figured out what my husband and my collective interior style is,” Gillian says. “We are both drawn to bright, naturally-lit homes with lots of character. Our decor style is quite simple and classic, and we love collecting thoughtful, well-made and antique pieces for our home.” This penchant for minimalism and tight curation served the couple well in their new space. Natural materials like wool, cotton, and unadorned wood provide a sense of warmth, while the spare decorating direction allows the home’s details to come to the fore. In the living room, an old (and functional!) fireplace becomes a bold focal point when paired with muted furnishings; in the bedroom, the shadows created by low-hanging eaves play just as strong a role as handsome vintage pieces. “We love how our home feels,” Gillian continues. “It’s perfect for hosting family and friends, which is one of our favourite things to do together.” Take a closer look at this beautiful minimal space below!

“The neutral colors in the Watercolor Trellis Rug are perfect for this room. It totally ties all of the other furniture together,” Gillian says.

“I adore the look of the Pelle Chandelier in our dining room. Because the room is quite simple and there isn’t a lot of furniture, I love the dramatic statement of the light fixture. Its a bit of a showstopper!”

“I am avid ceramic-collector, and use all of these pieces constantly. There really aren’t any pieces that don’t get used on a regular basis. I collect from a a small handful of independent makers – and love knowing that the dishes I use everyday were made by hand by people I know personally.”

“The guest room is one of my favourite rooms in this house. Its always full of light, and I love the beautiful windows and the unique shape of the room. Its really spacious for guests, and feels very open.”