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A Halloween centerpiece that will creep out your guests and make them think that you are the Ultimate-Halloween-Master-For-All-Eternity? Literally #HalloweenGoals every year. A Halloween centerpiece that will do all of the above and allow you to eat it when you’re done? Dreams, they really do come true! All this horrifying/adorable edible terrarium needs is your favorite meringue recipe and a bit of crafting technique. Easy to make, made to impress. Here’s to winning at Halloween this year!

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Edible Mushroom Forest Terrarium

    a terrarium
    black sanding sugar
    spun sugar
    meringue with piping bag
    white melting chocolate
    green sprinkles and/or sanding sugar

For the mushrooms: Create your mushroom meringues by first making the “stems” and the “tops” separately. The mushroom stems can be created by piping strips of meringue onto a prepped baking sheet with a piping bag. The tops are simply a dollop of meringue. Prepare according to your preferred meringue recipe. (To add a spooky green touch to the top of your mushrooms, brush a bit of egg white onto the tops and sprinkle with green-colored sprinkles or sanding sugar. Place in the oven for 15-20 minutes to set.) Once your stems and tops are ready, join them together by using white melting chocolate (you can melt it using the stove or a microwave).

Fill your terrarium roughly half-way with black sanding sugar. Drop in pieces of spun white sugar to add a creepy cobweb look. Place your finished mushrooms into the black sugar. Voila! That’s it! Place on your Halloween table and get ready to wow your guests.

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