We trust you. Go for it! are words a designer loves to hear from their new clients. This rang true for Tara Lenney, a Dallas-based interior designer, on a recently completed 5,000-sq. foot project. Her clients fell in love with the house and its contemporary style, but weren’t sure how to go about furnishing the space – a new build in the historic Kessler Park neighborhood. “The main goal was to make the space stylish, comfortable, and inviting. When they’re not working, the family loves to kick back, watch movies, and play video games together. We needed spaces that were comfortable enough for how they live but stylish enough to host friends on the weekends too, “mentioned Tara.

The biggest challenge of the project? – the bedrooms, most notably the extra-large size of the master. “Too big is not something you’d usually complain about, but at 460-sq. feet, it’s bigger than some people’s apartments! We needed to fill the space so it didn’t feel empty, but wanted to keep a clean, modern, uncluttered vibe. It was a balancing act.” Tara utilized the Mesa Canopy Bed and matching nightstand to be the focal point that really fills the space. The light-oak finish pairs perfectly with the bedroom view of the wooded-area from the second story balcony.

For the boys’ bedrooms, they wanted the design to be something that would grow with them. “The boys are 6 and 10. They’re growing out of the millions of toys stage, but still aren’t teenagers either. We needed to create something sophisticated that wouldn’t have to be re-done in a few years, but that still felt youthful and fun,” Tara explained. The addition of the Mid-Century Desk added ample space to house trophies + memorabilia now, but will transition seamlessly into a place for studying in the coming years.

Tour this Dallas home and see how Tara was able to outfit + accessorize the multiple spaces all in one swoop – and stay within the family’s budget.

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