One of the best things about seasons changing is the bounty of sweet, ripe, delicious produce at the market. It’s almost as if everything bursts in flavor and color for one last time before we get ready for fall, one of these being cherries- oh-so-photogenic, tasty cherries.

For this recipe I combined cherry sorbet + a touch of raspberry with some frozen tangy yogurt, all nestled in a crunchy, buttery and sweet phyllo tart topped with pistachios. Pretty cute and also pretty damn good. These little tarts look great on a platter which I bet will be the hero dessert at your next “end of summer” party or at dinner with friends.

If you want to go down the easy route, you could buy cherry sorbet and fro-yo at the store and simply bake the tarts, but if you have the extra time I do recommend you do it all since it won’t take you a ton of time and it will taste way better. Oh, and for an extra touch of sweetness, I would use a bit of honey. I like my desserts a bit tangy so I left the honey out this time.

You can use fruit as garnish (like more cherries or even other fruit like figs) or, as in this case, a few edible flowers from the farmer’s market. Since edible flowers won’t be around for much longer, I decided to use them on pretty much anything until they’re gone.

Okay, time to make this crunchy, sweet, and tangy dessert. See you in the kitchen!

Recipe — Cherry Froyo Phyllo Tarts

Recipe — Cherry Froyo Phyllo Tarts

Cherry Froyo Phyllo Tarts
Makes 6 Small Tarts

    1 package phyllo pastry
    2 tbsp butter, melted
    2 tbsp granulated sugar

    For the cherry sorbet:
    1 cup frozen raspberries
    1 ½ cup fresh cherries, pitted (or frozen cherries if you can find them)
    1 tbsp agave syrup
    1 tsp pure vanilla extract
    1 tbsp fresh lemon juice

    For the froyo:
    2 cups plain greek yogurt
    2 tsp pure vanilla extract
    3 tbsp agave syrup

    Pistachios and edible flowers to garnish

Recipe — Cherry Froyo Phyllo Tarts

Recipe — Cherry Froyo Phyllo Tarts


    1. Preheat the oven to 350F and butter 6 small fluted tart shells. Unroll the phyllo pastry from the pack, start layering the pastry sheets and brush each sheet with the melted butter and sprinkle with sugar. Layer about 6 or 7 sheets total (you can layer more if you like it to be thicker). Cut out circles to fit the tart shells you are using, then nestle the pastry in the buttered tart shells and gently press down to shape them. Repeat process for all tarts and sprinkle them all with additional sugar. Bake for 15-20 minutes until golden brown. Remove from the oven and let them cool down before un-molding.

    *Note: if they don’t come out of the mold (a couple of mine didn’t) leave them in and serve as is, nothing wrong with eating from the pan (rather than break them apart)!

    2. Place all the cherry sorbet ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. You will need to stir in between to make sure all ingredients are blended. Place contents in a container and freeze.

    3. Now place all of the froyo ingredients in a large bowl, combine until mixed, then dump them in your ice cream maker and freeze. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, freeze for 1 hour, stir and freeze until thick and creamy but not rock hard.

To make the tarts, add a scoop of the cherry sorbet and another of the froyo and gently swirl with a spoon (if they’re too hard to swirl, leave them out on your counter for 10 min to soften). Top with pistachios and edible flowers and eat right away!

Recipe — Cherry Froyo Phyllo Tarts

Recipe — Cherry Froyo Phyllo Tarts

Recipe — Cherry Froyo Phyllo Tarts


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Marcy Peyton

September 23, 2017

This is a beautiful and simple dessert! Thank you so much for such a sweet offering to close the summer out! Fabulous!!!

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