Forget sock boots and metallics—the hottest Fall fashion trend that we can’t get enough of is duvets. With a name derived from the French term for down—an allusion to the feathery material that typically fills them—duvets are customarily seen atop lavishly appointed beds and covered in all manner of beautiful fabrics. This season, they’ve come into vogue as a stylish garment—one that can be donned for practically any occasion. Need something to wear for gala season? Duvet. Going out for a quick lunch with the ladies? Duvet. Heading to an important business meeting? Yes way, duvet! While there are myriad ways to style this new wardrobe essential, here are 10 of our favorites.

west elm - How To Wear A Duvet


The Ball Gown

The quintessential duvet look. Pair with the shoes and jewelry of your choice, or go without for a bold and minimal look.

west elm - How To Wear A Duvet


The Chic Scarf

Make a statement when you hit the streets this fall by tossing your duvet around your neck. Added bonus: it will act as a stylish airbag if you end up tripping on the sidewalk.

west elm - How To Wear A Duvet


The Lump

Got a movie night planned with your SO? Go for this elegant seated look.

west elm - How To Wear A Duvet


The Ghost

Bad hair day? No need to fret when you’ve got a duvet in your sartorial arsenal. Throw it right over your head to complete this mysterious femme fatale look.

west elm - How To Wear A Duvet


The Mermaid

Remember leg warmers? Try an au courant twist to the eighties trend by wrapping a duvet entirely around your lower body.

west elm - How To Wear A Duvet


The Friday Night

There is no better way than to celebrate the end of the week than by wearing the season’s must-have item!

west elm - How To Wear A Duvet


The Saturday Morning

Evidence that duvets are your closet’s most versatile item, they can seamlessly shift from day to night and back to day again!

west elm - How To Wear A Duvet


The Coffee Line

Add a duvet to your day and dress up even the most quotidian tasks! This comfortable look will take you from grabbing your morning coffee to powering through a day at the office.

west elm - How To Wear A Duvet


The Puddle

Favored by trend-setting avant-garde crowds, this look sees the duvet worn atop a sedentary body. Excellent for leisure activities.

west elm - How To Wear A Duvet


The Midnight Snack

Stunning when bathed in the crystalline light of a refrigerator, this ravishing look will add a touch of intrigue to your late nights.

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September 10, 2017

This is awesome. I especially love The Lump and Saturday Morning. Thank you for these wonderful fashion tips!


September 10, 2017

This was absolutely creativr and hilarious!


September 10, 2017

This is brilliant. Thank you for the laughs and sartorial advice! Also, how does West Elm know how I spend my Friday nights?!


September 26, 2017

i think i like it that you are being silly

how should i wear duvet for the shimp bowkl?

i do like it


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