This is the mother lode! A stream of juicy meat, mayo made out of bacon (yes, be still my heart), and melted smoky Havarti – anything else you need right now bebe?…Didn’t think so.

So here’s a mini confession, I am not a fan of beef, like at all, and I find that the only way I usually enjoy it is in a burger, because it’s not just a piece of meat, but you also get all sorts of amazing toppings and sauces. For this recipe I chose bison, since it’s tastier and better quality than most meats. Mind you, for a recipe that serves 4 it won’t cost a lot more, but if you’re feeding more than that, perhaps you’ll want to half the recipe with beef so that you don’t break the bank.

Okay now let’s talk about this bacon mayo business. So, I’m not sure if you’ve ever made mayo at home, but it’s super easy and a lot of times it tastes better than anything at the store. One of the main ingredients in mayo is oil, but in this case, I subbed part of the oil with bacon drippings… YAS! The result is a smoky, bacon-y, mayo that’s super good with the burger. You can thank me later.

Pair the burger with a cold beer and call it a day.

Recipe — Bison Burgers

Recipe — Bison Burgers

Recipe — Bison Burgers

Here’s the recipe:

Bison Burgers with Bacon Mayo and Smoked Havarti
Serves 4

For the meat patties:

    1 to 1½ lbs ground bison
    ½ onion, finely chopped
    1 garlic clove, minced
    1 tsp sea salt
    1 tsp black pepper
    1 egg

For the mayo:

    ½ cup canola oil
    3 or 4 tablespoons bacon drippings, melted (you can save the bacon fat from breakfast or from cooking the bacon in this recipe)
    1 large egg yolk* (see note about raw eggs below)
    1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
    1 tsp apple cider vinegar
    1 tsp smoked paprika
    Salt and pepper to taste

    *If you’re not into using the raw egg because of possible contamination or salmonella, then purchase pasteurized egg yolks or use already made mayo and add the bacon oil to it.

The toppings:

    Brioche burger buns
    Butter lettuce
    Smoked Havarti cheese

Recipe — Bison Burgers


    1. Preheat the oven to 350F and prepare a tray with parchment paper
    2. Combine all of the meat ingredients and mix well. Form 4 small patties. Heat a skillet with some oil, once it starts smoking place the patties in it and brown on both sides for about 3 min. Remove the patties from the skillet and place them in the tray with parchment paper. Place cheese on top and bake the patties for 8-10 minutes until juices run clear and meat is cooked to the desired done-ness (some peeps like them medium). Remove from the oven and cover with aluminum foil to keep them warm
    3. To make the mayo, take a food processor (or a bowl and a whisk) and whisk the egg yolk until a bit frothy, slowly, start adding a stream of canola oil, then continue with the bacon oil, at this point mayo should start to come together, add the rest of the ingredients while mixing constantly and taste, adjust if necessary.
    4. Now put the burger together: toast your buns, add some mayo, the meat patties, and your fave toppings and voila!

Recipe — Bison Burgers


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