The Design Crew at west elm Milwaukee recently brought some creativity + joy to Jennifer Straszewski and her two teenage children during their recent move into a 2000 sq. foot condo in Milwaukee’s Whitefish Bay neighborhood. The main goal was to outfit the space with clean, simple, modern pieces that most importantly were reasonably priced with great quality. Lead Stylist, Ashley Oberst had one obstacle during the beginning of the project – all furniture selections had to be made without seeing the space. The team was able to work with the floor plans and plan out the delivery process so that the day the family was moving into the new home, the west elm furniture was also being delivered.

“The people at west elm Milwaukee made my home design experience complete.  From the beginning Ashley was professional, creative, knowledgeable about the products, listened to my needs, respectful of my overall budget and found solutions for my design challenges.  Most importantly, Ashley made the entire process from selection, order, delivery and installation FUN! Although I LOVE all of my west elm furniture, she is why I would furnish an entire home again,” stated Jennifer.

Furniture options were not the only thing Ashley helped pick out – she also assisted with paint colors for the space, using Sherwin Williams paint services. The overall color inspiration for the living room was inspired by the custom Everett Chair in Twill Bluestone.  Jennifer fell in love with that fabric/color & that determined the style of the living room. Overall, she expressed that she needed a calming, relaxing space that was functional for teenagers.

Another component that made this experience stress-free for Jennifer was utilizing west elm’s Installation Services – including hanging curtain rods, installing bookshelves and assembling furniture. “Robert Skidmore, our west elm Installer & I coordinated our visits to the condo and were there together as I styled furniture and assisted him with install process,” mentioned Ashley.  “We had a blast during our appointments and grateful to have Jennifer as extended west elm Family!  Anytime we could get Tyler and Anna (Jennifer’s kids) to laugh – we felt like we were making a difference. The kids’ lifestyles and design sense played a strong role, really letting their opinions shine.  No decision was made without them in mind.”

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Above: Ashley Oberst, Lead Stylist – west elm Milwaukee, WI

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Candi Barnes

September 18, 2017

Love the layout of this condo. Your color coordination offers the light and roomy feel. The use of the different metals really helps to make this design spectacular and livable. Great photos.

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