Big Style In A Small Pre-Fab Home

Pre-Fab living and the so-called “tiny house movement” are buzzy terms in today’s design world, and it’s no surprise why. The notions of downsizing and living-with-less have come into vogue in recent years, especially amongst urban-oriented Millennials. Still, despite an amped up conversation about the merits of small-space and mobile living, one would be hard-pressed to find too many examples of it in the media, much less those that are palatable to a mass audience. This is why the pre-fab journey of Chelsea and Scott Goodson, a couple living in Arizona, is so compelling. Clocking in at 650 square feet, the duo’s diminutive house is the size and shape of a small apartment, but packs in all of the charm, warmth, and efficiency of a full-scale home.

“When it came time for us to start searching for a home of our own, we were very interested in the idea of the tiny house movement, along with the lifestyle and flexibility that comes with it,” Chelsea says. “After weighing the costs and considering all options, from 399 square foot homes, to 800+ square foot homes, we both decided that we wanted something in the middle that would be comfy, cozy, and allow us to entertain our family and friends. We ended up choosing a 650 square foot, two-bedroom home that we could purchase very bare bones, and then customize on our own to include almost everything on our wish list!” Chelsea and Scott are both creatives and entrepreneurs (they co-own Citizen Home Decor, a handcrafted home and lifestyle company), so having space to both work and kick back was essential. “When it came to creating our space, Scott and I were very much on the same page. We wanted a space that felt light, airy and warm at the same time. Since our space is limited, we’ve done our best to utilize every nook and cranny that we can so that our home can function as a clean, comfortable space for us, our cats and our family and friends that we love having over.” Take a closer look at Chelsea and Scott’s home + shop the look below!


“From start to finish, our home took eight weeks to build,” Chelsea says. “On the day we became homeowners, we chose the inside and outside paint colors, a few finishes and opted to leave the standard carpet out of our soon-to-be-home. We also had a few structural changes we wanted to make, including moving around windows, taking out an odd half-wall, and removing a set of overheard cabinets to make our living space more open concept, rather than separate rooms.

“When our home was delivered eight weeks later, it was very bare bones, with exposed sub-flooring, no appliances, no lights, etc. We had a blank canvas that we could make all our own! Scott started by installing engineered hardwood flooring throughout the house, and then moved on to installing our appliances and lighting.

“After we got our appliances sorted out, bringing in our furniture, belongings and furry friends was our next and last step. And one month after our delivery date, we spent our first night in our new house—tired, but oh so happy to finally be home! Over the next few months, we would spend time rearranging furniture, hanging picture frames and making each room feel like our own. We’re big fans of natural light, warm woods and pops of greenery, which we’ve tried to incorporate throughout space. Friends and family often say that our home feels so calm, a statement that we couldn’t agree more with.”


“Peppered throughout our home are pieces of Scott’s artwork, including the top-hat man in the ‘dining room,’ the sweating man in the office and the blue typewriter in our bedroom.”




“Scott and I are just so thankful to have a space that’s all our own. It may seem simple, but knowing that our home is all ours is the best feeling! I’m also a very sentimental person, so it was important to me to be able to display pieces of art that had special meaning to Scott and I. In our bedroom hangs a show poster from The Postal Service’s 10-year anniversary tour, a show we attended together just weeks before getting engaged in 2013. Nine months later, I would walk down to aisle to their song Such Great Heights.”