How To Refresh Your Sofa - Front + Main

There is probably not a single piece of furniture that experiences more use and abuse than the standard living room sofa. Whether it acts as a seat for multiple family members or as a makeshift bed for the last-minute overnight guest, it’s not unusual to see your sofa showing some signs of wear as time goes on. Not to worry: with some regular maintenance and simple refreshes, you can keep your sofa looking as good as the day you bought it. Here’s how.

1. Re-tighten legs – Sofa legs will become loosened over time and use. Re-tighten the legs of your sofa frequently, especially after moving it.

2. Re-fluff cushions – To keep cushions looking plump and prevent them from forming dips or indentations, flip and fluff them frequently. Pro tip: the best way to fluff your cushions is to do re-shape the filling itself. Unzip the cover and adjust the insert, either by shaping it inside of the cover or taking it out entirely.

3. Remove pills – As is the case with most fabrics that experience heavy use, pills will likely develop on your upholstery fabric over time. You can remove pills and remove your sofa to its former glory with a fabric shaver like The Gleener.

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May 30, 2018

The fabric on my soda has loosen quite a bit. Is there anything you can recommend.

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