You’ve made the plunge. After years of living in denial about your husband/wife/dog/cat’s duvet-stealing tendencies and telling yourself that a full-sized bed is all that you need, you have decided to upgrade to royalty-status. You are now the proud owner of a king-sized bed. While you certainly enjoy your newfound ability to starfish your limbs wherever you darned well please, figuring out how to make your new bed pretty is an entirely different story. Making up a full-sized bed is as easy as plopping 4 standard-sized pillows down and calling it a day (maybe a little more, if you are feeling extra). Gussying up your king-sized might seem more complicated, what with the added square footage. We are here to tell you that it is not. Using your three basic pillow sizes (standard, king, euro), there are myriad ways to get creative with bed styling. Take a look at our six faves below!

Got any other configurations you like to use? Have other, unrelated home decor questions? Let us know in the comments or on social media with #askwestelm!

west elm - How To Style A King-Sized Bed With Pillows

Clothing provided by Dusen Dusen.

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Mary Miraglia

January 8, 2018

Pretty lame, guys. How about some photos?

Anybody can draw rectangles. It doesn’t show what the end result of the decor is. (How to Style a King-Sized Bed)

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