Candles—they are a dinner party staple, able to make almost any setting more romantic. They can also be a scourge on your table linens, especially if there is a summer breeze present. If you’ve ever found a tablecloth or placemat ruined after a splattering of candle wax has made it look like an unintentional Jackson Pollock painting, this one’s for you. Turns out, removing wax from your table linens need not be the headache that it oftentimes is. Follow these simple steps below and you will be on your way to conquering wax once and for all!

1. Gently scrape away excess wax with the blunt side of a knife. A credit card or a pot scraper will work nicely, too!

2. On an ironing board or an iron-ready surface, place a piece of paper towel above and below your table linen where the wax stain is present.

3. Using an iron set to medium, iron over the paper towel until the wax below it is melted and absorbed. You will see the wax start to soak through the paper towel at this point.

4. Wash + dry your table linen as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions!

5. That’s it! Wax be gone!

NOTE: These steps work best when using an oil-free candle. Soy, oil-based, and some fragranced candles contain additional ingredients that may leave a stain on your linens. In this case, your linens may require additional laundering or dry cleaning.

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