Are you afraid to open your linen closet for fear that the tangle of sheets, pillowcases, and towels inside will spill out and swallow you whole? Listen, we’ve all been there. The next time you need to fetch fresh sheets, keep these five tips in mind and conquer the linen tangle forever!

1. Bundle sheet sets in pillowcases. – Have you ever spent what seems like an eternity trying to find the matching pillowcases to a fitted sheet you just pulled? NEVER AGAIN. After folding your laundry, keep all of your sheet sets together by storing them in one of the corresponding pillow cases. Need a fresh set for the bed? Just grab and go!

2. Store last season on your highest shelf. – Don’t stretch every time you open the linen closet. At the beginning of every season, place last season’s linens out of reach and out of mind, so this season’s is right there when you need it.

3. Keep A Set Handy For Guests – If you entertain often, keep your guest room’s linens in an accessible place so you don’t need to dig around for the right set.

4. Use bins to keep things neat – Especially helpful if your linen closet is actually just open shelving in your bedroom, keep everything extra in order by corralling them into baskets or bins. Shop baskets here.

5. Prevent Moths With Cedar Moths gnawing holes into your pillowcases? Keep them at bay by putting out a few bags of fresh cedar every few months.

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