Hey all! Gab here from Artful Desperado. Today I have a drink that’s channeling all the spring vibes; it’s as if you put flowers, Coachella outfits, and booze in a blender. Sounds fun? Well, it is! And best of all, you don’t have to wear a floral crown to drink this cocktail (nor should you wear one…ever…ever).

Little cocktail history here: this cocktail came to be sometime in the early 20th century (think 1920s/30s kinda thing). It’s based on some very minimal ingredients: gin, lime juice, and soda—though some early versions didn’t even use soda (talk about boozy drinks). Since then, this drink has evolved and we can see many variations with flavored syrups, and even vodka. I decided I wanted to make my own version of it and use the same basics, but with a twist—a not-so-minimal-twist, but heck, it tastes pretty darn good!

Think of this version as a merge between a gimlet and a pimm’s cup, both quintessential spring/summer drinks. I kept the gin as is, but swapped the soda for dry apple cider, then added some yuzu with just a touch of lime (yuzu ice cubes actually), and topped it with some cucumber, sour apple, and basil to make it extra fresh.

If you cannot find yuzu juice (which is available at most japanese grocery stores) just use mandarin juice or fresh orange juice. Oh, and by the way, since the cider is already somewhat sweet, there’s no need to add simple syrup.

Ok! Let’s make a batch of this sip-a-licious cocktail!

west elm - Sour Apple, Basil, and Yuzu Gimlet

west elm - Sour Apple, Basil, and Yuzu Gimlet

Sour Apple, Basil, and Yuzu Gimlet
Makes 4

    1 cup yuzu juice (or orange juice
    ¼ cup lime juice
    ¼ cup water
    Gin (I used bombay, you can use any kind you like)
    1 granny smith apple, cored, and thinly sliced
    1 handful fresh basil
    1 small cucumber, thinly sliced
    4 cans dry apple cider (I used Strongbow with elderflower, but you can use any kinda that’s not super sweet)

west elm - Sour Apple, Basil, and Yuzu Gimlet

west elm - Sour Apple, Basil, and Yuzu Gimlet

1. Place the yuzu juice, lime juice, and water in a small glass and shake well. Pour liquid in ice cube trays and freeze.

west elm - Sour Apple, Basil, and Yuzu Gimlet

2. To make the drink: Get a chilled glass, then add 1.5 oz gin, add the yuzu ice cubes, a few slices of apple, and cucumber, top with dry cider and give it a very gentle swirl. Garnish with basil.

You can add more ice cubes if you like it super sour OR you can add one or two to keep it more neutral.

Hope you enjoy this classic, reinvented!

west elm - Sour Apple, Basil, and Yuzu Gimlet

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Jamie Earles

April 26, 2017

Dear Gabriel and West Elm, Great idea for a summer party. Beauuutiiiful photography!!!!!

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