When it comes to adulting, mastering the art of the formal place setting is right up there with monitoring your credit score and pretending to read the newspaper on your morning commute. Your life might be falling apart at the seams, but if you clean up good and know where to put your salad fork, the rest is sure to follow. Cheers to that!

Some helpful hints:

1. Forks on your left, spoon and knife on the right.
2. Always arrange flatware in order of use. Soup and salad first? Those utensils go on the outside.
3. Less is more. If you’re not serving salad, skip the salad plate!

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Josh Johnson

April 11, 2017

So many of us need and appreciate this advice. Much thanks.

Patricia Atallah

April 20, 2017

I adore the practicality, brevity and logic of each of your presentations. Outstanding!

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