One look at Trelawny Davis and Jackie Sosa’s Los Angeles apartment has this New Yorker swooning. I mean, that light! That SPACE! Not to mention all of the to-die-for design details the roommates have added to their abode (hello, statement wallpaper!). Davis and Sosa, who met during college on the East Coast, have design tastes that are different, but ultimately complementary. “When we were initially designing the space, we knew we wanted an aesthetic that fit both of us—a place where we could both feel comfortable” Davis says. “Though we have different styles (Jackie’s more modern, mine mid-century classic), there were some things we strongly agreed on: to never underestimate white space [and] stick with neutral tones,” to name a few.” When combined, the duo’s styles create a laid-back, California-cool look that is relaxed, yet refined, lending itself perfectly to hosting book club + movie nights with friends. Take a tour of the space below:

“When we first moved into our apartment we were excited about all the natural light it invited and the spacious living and dining areas, though at the time we moved in, we definitely did not have enough furniture to fill it. ”

“We both watch an embarrassing amount of TV so we knew we wanted a cozy feel to the living room, since that’s where we’d be spending most of our time. We decided to go with two couches, a huge wool rug and two poufs so that there’s plenty of seating room — which comes in handy when we host Book Club or have a group of friends over.”





“Once we finished furnishing our home we couldn’t help but feel our Dining Room looked too bare. We moved around furniture, hung up more art but it still felt plain. We thought about painting an accent wall but it just didn’t feel right. I finally came up with the idea to add patterned wallpaper to the blank and boring wall but it took some convincing for Jackie to agree — understandably so, wallpaper is risky. But once the wallpaper was installed Jackie and I both fell in love and to this day it’s the first thing everyone mentions when they come into our home.”










Trelawny Davis was born and raised in New York City and currently works in Venice Beach as the Brand Marketing and Social Media Manager for a textiles brand. “While I work in the home space,” she says, “at heart, I’m a writer — regardless of character limit. And thanks to a yes-we-talk-about-politics-at-the-dinner-table-family, I’m incredibly passionate about politics.”

All photos are by Amy Bartlam
Photo Styling by Rebecca Prusinowski + Annie Clark
Wall art by Minted
Wallpaper by Juju Papers

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Monsieur Johnson

February 27, 2017

Beautiful home! Great job!


February 28, 2017

Hello where did you get the bed from?

Josh @ The Kentucky Gent

February 28, 2017

The light and textures in this home is gorgeous! Especially love that gray accent wall.


February 28, 2017

Beautiful space! Where is the dining table and bench from?


March 8, 2017

Where is the beige windowpane blanket from?


March 9, 2017

Where is the dining room set from? The one with the black metal legs. I don’t see it on the West Elm page….


March 11, 2017

SO lovely! Where can I find/purchase this dining room table?

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